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King Baldwin IV of Jerusalem

Some of you may know of his character from Sir Ridley Scott's Kingdom of Heaven, but Mike is not merely stopping at the historically fictional Hollywood rendition of his story; fascinated at how such a man with such a disability could rule so successfully over Jerusalem, Mike is currently engrossed in whatever research he can find about not only King Baldwin, but also Balian of Ibelin, and the time period itself. Click here to follow this blog's updates as Mike writes notes about what he learns, including theoretical insight into the psychology of what he believes was one of the greatest kings who ever lived.

Current Logic Problem

Mystery Warriors #1

You are walking along a road in ancient Japan, when you come across two men who appear to be samurai. However, you know that ninja, master liars, may dress as samurai to fool people. In this world, samurai always tell the truth, while ninja always lie.
One has blue armor, while the other has red. One has a katana, while the other has a staff. One is taller, while the other is shorter.
You ask the taller of them, are both of you samurai? He gives you a “yes” or a “no” for an answer, but even after listening to it, you couldn’t tell who was the ninja and who was the samurai.
You then ask the other man, “Is the other man a samurai?”
After his response, you knew what kind of man each was.
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A Bachelor's In Physics From The University Of York

Description: Mike is currently working toward a degree in physics from the University of York by starting off in the OpenPlus program.

He pays for his education three ways:

Mike is by no means a freeloader who isn't working to fund his own education, but if you'd like to support his cause, pride is not a mental block of his keeping him from accepting donations.

This website, as well as its social media channels (YouTube, Facebook, etc.) features content that consists of the fruits of Mike's intellectual labor. This content then generates passive income; therein, he studies...to pay for his studies.

As Mike progressively educates himself, it turns into yet more content for this website for you to enjoy. To help support his education is to indirectly support the production of content for this website, if you enjoy consuming it.

The Internet is filled with people who manipulate and lie to others in order to steal funds from them and misuse them; Mike's not one of them.

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If you're not interested in donating, but still would like to show support, you can always subscribe either to the mailing list, YouTube Channel, or follow him on Facebook or Twitter in order to view the work he publishes.

For instance, every view of monetized work he publishes on YouTube helps generate passive income to support the education as well, and that costs you nothing but the time and attention to watch.

Thank you.

Learn From Norton's Mind

Philosophy & Socioeconomics

Mike is an individualist who has developed his own personal philosophy that he uses to provide political critiques of current events.

This leads him to take a very unique stance on many political issues, such as racism and war, while breaking things down in a way that both leftists and rightists can understand, even if they respectfully disagree.

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History & Psychology

Mike actively travels the world with his wife (and now child): bathing in rivers, climbing mountains, wandering through forests, and surviving in deserts. He takes you on his nomadic journey with him as he travels, presenting different concepts about psychology and history as if you were right there with him.

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Linguistics & Traveling

Mike currently speaks 9 different languages at varying levels of fluency, both written and oral. Some of them (like Japanese, just came from watching anime on TV when he was younger); others were picked up on demand, as he's traveled the world. There are many gaps in his knowledge, which is going to require studying to fill, and he'd like you to study with him as he does so, by sharing his studying materials and practicing on video.

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Math, Physics, & Logic

Mike takes a very different approach to teaching mathematics, physics, and logic than most people would find in your standard classroom. He makes it his duty to go above and beyond to teach himself to the point of gaining a thorough understanding of any math, but then translates and compresses the lessons into easy-to-understand conversations of real life practicality.

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Life & Literature

To say that Mike has been to Mordor and back again would be an understatement; he has definitely had his armor tested in life. From failing in multiple ways in Navy SEAL training, to hanging himself in the Middle East in black flag territory over toxic relationships, to publicly embarrassing himself in his written work while psychologically ill: top-ranking students in China asked for Norton by name because he didn't just teach them English; he taught them about life.

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Learning Techniques

Like Sherlock Holmes, Norton espouses the use of a memory palace to save a massive amount of information in his head, that he then combines with techniques like the Leitner method to solidify what he teaches himself. He's designed an algebraic algorithm for memorizing long passages of text, but does so in his own unique way. Most mental athletes who partake in memory palace competitions do so with short-term memory in mind; Mike's memory palace is for the long-term.

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For what seemed like the longest time, Mike Norton was an uneducated educator. He earned work by being able to prove that he was just excellent at what he did in raw skill, or at least the ability to acquire skill in what can seem to many to be unnaturally quick time. Thus, testimonials became crucial for his credibility, which was crucial to his employment...and now they serve the purpose of proof for NortonsMind.com.

A Short History & Purpose

Simplifying Advanced Mathematical And Philosophical Concepts For Practical Use In Life

...all physical theories, their mathematical expressions apart ought to lend themselves to so simple a description that even a child could understand them.Einstein

One of the most common complaints about any of the mathematical branches above arithmetic is that one will never need to use them in life.

Mike Norton begs to differ.

Your brain is using advanced algebra in order to interpret the very words that you're reading right now. You utilize maths like trigonometry and calculus to drive your car, or to merely stand up straight and walk down the hallway of your house.

What you see in classrooms may seem intimidating, but it's simply a matter of most of what your brain already does on the daily basis, written out on paper.

Your brain does all of this subconsciously; it's the teaching style, coupled with perhaps negative environments, bad parenting, and culturally propagated beliefs that Mike believes kills most people's motivation to learn the maths and philosophies, and he seeks to prove it by educating people in different topics, covered monthly. To help people expand their minds and discover the dormant genius that's already inside of them.

Inside of you.

Thus, one of the goals of this website is not to become another boring and intimidating source of mathematical information that only advanced university graduates can understand, but to provide simplified concepts of advanced theories presented in a way that commoners can understand.

Teaching a class in person.
Teaching a class in person.

A Different Approach To Inspiring Education

Mike is absolutely not what most people would expect from a typical public intellectual. His appearance, colloquialisms, swearing (though not around children), egotism, sarcasm, lack of manners, as well as his hair and clothing styles are reflections of who he truly is, both on and off camera; they reflect his origins, the struggle he had to overcome to get to where he is today.

However, don't let any of these fool you. For just a few examples out of many, he won an award for being among the top-ranked teachers in the entire province that he lived in, in China. He was often requested by name to teach private lessons to upper-class students in Xi'an, and he taught some of the top-ranked award-winning students in Beijing, for several years, in international debate competitions.

Until the age of 27, he had been suffering from undetected tumors in his nasal cavity that had grown over years of childhood neglect, that negatively affected his nerves and blood flow in his skull, limiting him from fully using his brain. Yet, despite this, when enlisting in the US military, he still managed to score several standard deviations higher than what was needed to qualify as a nuclear engineer.

Before, Mike was greatly discouraged about ever becoming a public intellectual; despite his array of talents, his history is checkered with all different kinds of bad things.

However, with his wife's help, Mike came to the conclusion that people like him may actually be the key to connecting with a totally different crowd of people who were otherwise bored in school, and/or made mistakes in their lives. Thus, his rough and ragged style is now deliberately wielded to appeal to people who otherwise could have used a more interesting and entertaining teacher in school.

He believes that when you intentionally present yourself as a flawed person to the world, accepting and admitting what your flaws are and what your wrongdoings have been, no one can actually use them against you anymore.

This is the biggest moral of his memoir: Fighting for Redemption.

With this approach, Mike hopes to inspire imperfect people who were otherwise put off by the traditional methods in dreary classrooms. His focus is the teaching of the maths, philosophies, and other subjects such as psychology, and the histories of the world to people who otherwise may not have been interested, while seeking to prove by the demonstration of his example that it's never actually too late to start the journey of self-improvement and continual education, no matter what your past may have been like.

For more information, visit the About page.

Shielding a homeless musician from the rain in China. [Ref. Flora's Testimonial]
Shielding a homeless musician from the rain in China. [Ref. Flora's Testimonial]

The Uneducated Educator

Mike started off at the very bottom of the social ladder in America, in very detrimental environments. He's dealt with homelessness, child abuse, disease, malnourishment, and different psychological and neurological issues that he still struggles with to this day.

He was the polar opposite of a valedictorian; he was actually among the lowest-ranked of his graduating class in high school. He was a rebel without a cause who was a little too honest and egotistical for most social scenarios. He stayed in detention, got into fist fights, rarely did his own homework, wasted time playing too many video-games, and laughably failed at chasing girls.

Yet, at the same time, he was the kind of quirky 9-year-old who could effortlessly recite passages from ancient texts, such as Sun Tzu's The Art of War, and Aristotle's Ethics while carrying on intense philosophical debates with grown adults, often winning...in different languages.

He was the kind of high school student who wouldn't do his own homework, yet would be paid good money to do other people's homework for them. He was the kind of teenager that could teach himself several different computer programming languages at merely the age of 14, and earn a top secret security clearance by the FBI before he was even old enough to drink, 19.

In short, Mike Norton is an interesting cat: the kind you either love or hate. Not what you'd typically expect from one who values knowledge so highly.

The Unprofessional Professor

As he's matured over time, though, the accumulation of harsh life experiences has gradually evolved him into an eccentric polymath who has an increasingly introverted personality.

This is to exclude his activity on social media, which doesn't actually require face-to-face human interaction, or what it takes to film some videos.

He now spends his days reading textbooks of many different topics, meditatively free-writing, building businesses and mechanical devices, as well as teaching people things as he nomadically travels the world. Though he's been all over the eastern and western hemispheres, the deepest journey he truly takes...is in his own mind.

Norton's Mind, which, with the help and encouragement of his wife who complements his many flaws, aims to share with you that which may expand your own mind, through the conduit of civil discourse, and educational materials taught by a very unorthodox teacher.

Climbing the mountain, Cui Hua Shan.
Climbing the mountain, Cui Hua Shan.

The Journey Of Self-Development

When he's not actively traveling, Mike spends hours per day reading, studying, annotating, journaling, hypothesizing, and theorizing...even if it's not pertaining to anything he's being graded on in whatever university, or other educational institution (e.g. online certification courses), he's attending at the time.

Thus, this blog isn't of a man claiming to be an expert in so many fields; this is merely the blog of a man who seeks to share what he learns in so many fields, as he learns.

Members of the community are more than encouraged to respectfully disagree with him, point out flaws in his logic, etc. while using his content to stir up debate, which not only teaches Mike more, but other people in the community as well.

From a mixture of both educational content and updates about his life, those who follow Mike Norton on social media, and in e-mail lists, are on the journey with him. Thus, as he learns, builds, discovers, reads, and thinks about new things, he'll post them for the community to digest, while encouraging respectful discourse about it.

As he climbs mountains, explores jungles, survives in deserts, visits historical sites and museums, the audience will get to experience something of the journey with him, as Mike commentates tidbits of wisdom, short stories, and morsels of food for thought and discussion.


Traversing Gullfoss Waterfalls, in Iceland.
Traversing Gullfoss Waterfalls, in Iceland.

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