Love and RelationshipsA woman (I think feminist?) has asked why in my photos that it's usually me in front with my wife behind me. Is that not abusive to my wife?

My answer?

Look, my wife is my world. You know what I would have done if I hadn't met her?

...nothing. All of my ideas would have stayed either in my head or written on pieces of paper that would have never made it out of my studio apartment in China. I would have studied astrophysics when I was bored...returned to the mountains regularly for peace and quiet in the solitude of the forests, and then eventually died...

...not having shared my ideas with the world. Not having opened up. It's been a long hard psychological battle to gain the courage that I've got to say the things I am, and do the things I'm doing.

This means that you've got it backwards if your intent with calling me sexist is because I'm not respecting my wife. fool. I'm protecting my wife. Don't you get it?

In the military, it's called "taking point". It means I'm the first one to run into any dangerous animals. I'm the first one to fall down any dangerous holes, and I'm the first one to get hit with bugs and such as we travel. I'm the first one to get cut from thorns that we cut through in the brush. If you've ever mountain climbed in the dead of winter, you'd know that at high altitudes, the snow can reach a depth that's literally higher than your chest, as it blocks your path.

Me leading the way means that I'm the one that cuts through all the snow so that it never touches her skin. I almost died doing it once, actually. I wrote an article about it on the site.

ReltionshipI lost feeling in both legs and had to crawl uphill to a safer point after falling down a part of the mountain where she couldn't reach me.

She made an emergency fire and held my limbs over it to get me back to operational condition. Without her I would have died.

Since I couldn't use my legs anymore, I had to use my arms. Since I was crawling through the snow, by the time I caught up to my wife...I lost most of the ability of my arms too.However...if I hadn't been leading the would have been her. And she may not have had the upper body strength to crawl back up the mountain to reach me with her hands. It was because I was in front that she was able to stay safe. That's the point.

If anyone gets hurt, it should be the leader. And I'm only the leader because she respects me enough to allow that to happen. Nothing's forced.


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