The Mission

The mission of NM is simple: to share thought-provoking information that benefits other people's lives, and inspires civil discourse. To demonstrate that one can disagree without disrespecting.

NM seeks to provide a stable platform on which others can respectfully converse, especially if they disagree with each other. Non-violent disagreement between other people of the NM community and even Mike Norton himself is not only acceptable; it's encouraged, while mindlessly agreeing with any concept without question is discouraged, even and especially if it's Mike's.

True debate cannot exist without disagreement. Therein, people from both sides of the political pendulum, every religion, creed, and espousers of every philosophy are welcome.


The maxim is merely to respect each other, even if and as you disagree.

To disagree is fine; to disrespect is not.

From the competition of ideas that debates create, truly new and innovational ideas can form that can inspire inventions, and new philosophical viewpoints with which to expand one's mind.

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The Strategy

An expanded version of the mission can be stated as this: To inspire self-education by simplifying elite concepts for people who are not of the elite classes of society, making otherwise intimidating information less so, by breaking each subject down into short, succinct, digestible forms for free, in a style that is not boringly academic. This will cause people who are otherwise completely unfamiliar with subjects such as quantum physics, and literature like Shakespeare, to find a comfortable connection to the content in a community that encourages them to speak about it in a way that they had not experienced when they were younger.

Shielding a homeless man from the rain as he busked on the street in Xi'an, China.
Shielding a homeless man from the rain as he busked on the street in Xi'an, China.

The world of academia can be intimidating, exclusive, and filled with envy. Mike Norton seeks to break those barriers and disrupt the stereotype of what a “smart” person should be like, because he believes everyone has a kind of innate genius within them; standardized education, as well as the negative influences of their immediate environment and cultures, may merely have failed them.

No one can control the nature, environment, culture, and class within which they're born, but once they're old enough to take responsibility for themselves, none of these elements have to determine a person's worth, if a person is willing to keep pushing forward in their education...even if they only have the means to teach themselves.

But that's no reason for them to just give up hope on themselves, and the pursuit for knowledge and wisdom. This is what NM aims to inspire in people who believe deep down within themselves that they have more potential than what the world initially led them to believe about themselves.

For information about how NM is funded, visit the Fundraising page.

Drinking hot wine in Riga, Latvia.
Drinking hot wine in Riga, Latvia.


Mike Norton's blog covers a wide array of subjects, but he does not claim to know all answers; he only claims to be well above average in figuring out how to do things from each subject's first principles, and draws much from his own anecdotal experience.

He believes that anyone that claims to know all truth, despite our epistemological limitations, is either crazy, a con man, or both.

For example, he does speak 9 languages, but he's not fluent in all of them (at this time), for some of them he's learned on demand as he's traveled the world. He's primarily self-taught, relying on educational institutions to provide third-party accreditation of his knowledge and skills, and nothing more.

The content of NortonsMind.com will be written as Mike studies; many posts will be made as he himself learns them to the point of simplified mastery. Mike makes mistakes all the time, and readers are encouraged to learn with Mike along this journey of self-discovery, self-education, and ultimately self-confidence despite whatever our flaws may be.

Mike Norton is quite used to being made fun of and mocked by others, but he's completely willing to be if his actions still inspire others to read, study, and improve themselves while inciting discourse in a community that can lead to new ideas that improve the world. And he encourages other people who are imperfect, like him, to do the same: to not be afraid of ridicule, the fear of feeling stupid, or inferior.

Hiking in Iceland.
Hiking in Iceland.

Because who is actually perfect? No one.

Unless, one considers the concept of being perfectly imperfect.

This website and community is for the people who are able to admit their flaws, their pasts, and their mistakes...while empowering them to keep charging forward with their continual education anyway.

Meet The Team

Mike is the brain, voice, and strategist of NM; he plans the content, writes all of the articles (including the design of the logic problems), speaks in the videos, teaches the subjects, solves the mathematical problems, builds the machines, walks the audience through the general material, leads the debates, as well as takes the role of lead programming editor of the website theme (framework created by Ragnar), graphic designs, models for marketing content (e.g. the cover of his book), makes music, and manages the metric data of the website's marketing analytics. He's also the financial planner of the traveling and marketing budget, as well as manages investor relations; however, none of this would be possible without his wife, who fulfills the role of his executive assistant.

She personally edits and constructively criticizes his work, as well as assists him in graphic designing, website programming, photographs, and films most of the website's content, as well as manages his public relations and appointments while helping him to get over social anxiety necessary to speak to people. She also does his hair, and keeps him generally alive by making sure he remembers to eat; otherwise, he'd likely go for days without eating while being too focused on one of his projects.

If Mike were Tony Stark, she'd be Pepper Potts.


Mike Norton


Mike is an award-winning writer, Internet marketing strategist, teacher, and mechanical engineer who travels the world in search of knowledge. Currently, he's teaching himself physics, and writing a book about his own philosophy.

As a multilingual polymathic INTJ personality that was hardened by an unforgiving life of poverty, violence, sickness, and psychological trauma: Mike Norton is an eccentric, aloof, but caring nomad who lives by his own code of honor.

Though introverted and reserved in person, he’s known to actively memoir on his public social media page, sharing his thoughts, opinions, philosophy, and sometimes even advice with the readers of his work.

NOTE: The video below is old.


Karina Norton


Karina is a consultant who designs the materials for English teaching curriculums, as well as teaches remote classes to ESL students through the use of the Internet. As a secondary job, she teaches Yoga, having been certified in India.

As a multilingual polymathic ISFJ personality that was led by her innate curiosity to explore the world, Karina Norton is a caring but disciplined nomad who constantly pushes herself to master her desired subjects of choice.

Despite being sociable and more outwardly empathetic for people, Karina has no qualms with isolating herself from the public eye in order to study, write content for her blog, and construct different forms of art and crafts.

NOTE: The video below is old.

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