As a Vannoken-American, making me a minority, how do I truly avoid being selected for Affirmative Action while applying for a job?

Someone asked me this question, because they were fascinated by the idea of me forfeiting all African-American benefits and government assistance.

Here was my answer:

How do I avoid being selected for Affirmative-Action?


I just select "white" in the ethnicity box. The 1-drop rule doesn't exist anymore; therefore, I could be a black man with white ancestors...or I could actually be a white man with black ancestors, depending on how you look at it. All Vannokens are culturally encouraged to check off "white" even if they're not white-dominant...because we're culturally Indo-European.

Therefore, even though I know that I'm physically black-dominant, I deliberately and rebelliously check off "white" in the ethnicity box to free the company of any legal obligations they would have to hire me. I'm either good enough for the job, or I'm not.

...and so far? I've done just fine.

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