AbortionNOTE: Everything in this applies equally to men.

Someone asked my thoughts on when I think sentience occurs in a fetus.

Many of my views are very close to (though, not exactly the same as) many conservative Christians, but not for a religious reason. When I was still working to repair my own identity in my own mind as the byproduct of being a part of a broken home and an arguably broken culture, it wasn't until I started designing my own ideal culture in my head that I began to see the merit in so many of the conservative values that I had taken for granted before my cultural transformation.

When Does Sentience Occur In The Fetus?

For instance, I'm against abortion in most cases because I'm ignorant of when sentience truly develops in the fetus. Some people like to use the fact that we don't know when sentience occurs in the child as justification for abortion, but I can reverse the entire logic of that stance when I claim that while we can't determine exactly when sentience occurs in the fetus, we also, at the same time, can't determine the period of time throughout which it has not occurred, either.

Therefore, I take what I call the Schrödinger approach on abortion, that because the singularity of sentience cannot be established until after the cat is out of the box to speak, sentience has both occurred and not occurred at the same time while it's still developing in the womb.

Through this logic, I take the stance that it has both occurred and not occurred at the very moment of conception, from which I develop my opinion on that accordingly.

In plain English, because in some aspect of what can be interpreted of the universe that sentience has indeed occurred at conception until singularity has been proven otherwise, I simply choose to favor the opinion that it has.

In even simpler English: I count it from the moment of conception because you're not sure of when the time is right, and it's better to err on the side of not murdering a child, than the opposite.

Shifting my direction away from the person who asked the question, but to other psychographic segments of the audience that I've spoken to about the issue...

More Personal Responsibility Instead Of Abortions

AbortionI know I'm a man speaking on this issue, and it seems to be becoming more common as an argument (mainly from the left) that it's the woman's body and she can do whatever she wants with it; however, note that I'm not advocating the removal of any rights from women; I'm simply calling for more personal responsibility to prevent one from falling into those moral conundrums, to begin with. I'm calling for intelligent and wise foresight into the potential consequences of one's own actions; that's all.

If your justification for abortion is that you got pregnant because "well, sh*t happens..." know that the "sh*t happens" argument is, in itself, the slippery slope to the relinquishment of all personal responsibility.

"I left my child in my overheated car. Oh well, I forgot...sh*t happens."

"I said something really hurtful to my child that scarred their psychology for life even though I didn't mean it...oh well, we all say things we don't mean when we're angry...sh*t happens."

Yes, sh*t happens...

...that you. can. prevent by taking personal responsibility for the actions that you know will create such sh*t from happening to you to begin with.

Being a parent is all about taking responsibility for one's own children; therefore, if any adult, male or female, isn't willing to take responsibility for themselves, their own actions as adults, as such would pertain to creating children then I don't think that they're actually ready to be a parent, in the first place.

They likely still have some growing to do themselves. I'm not saying that they never would be ready to be a parent, but that they're likely not ready for parenthood...yet, as much as their pride may make them want to think they are...

...especially if this is how they think having already given birth to children, to begin with. It means that you're likely already a parent who doesn't take as much responsibility for their actions as they could, which is dangerous.

Parenting Is The Foundation Of Entire Civilizations

AbortionRaising children is no joke, and if you don't take the subject deathly seriously, then no, you wouldn't do the best job you could in raising them...because parenting is the most important and one of the most demanding jobs in the world. Parenting is the foundation of entire civilizations; failed parenting equates to failed civilizations, for what is a civilization if not the congregation of individuals who were produced by parents?

Broken homes produce broken people; broken people produce broken civilizations. In this regard, broken civilizations fall because the family was its foundation.

If your justification is a different facet of the "sh*t happens" argument, because "you know, condoms break...or birth control isn't always effective..." then that's actually an admission that, standing here telling me that right now in this moment, that you're at least somewhat educated in what the failure rates are for condoms and BC pills (which are listed right on the box), which means that you know that you're taking a risk before you make the decision to have sex.

Which means that you should already have the mind to responsible for what the worst-case scenario would be if you do get pregnant, in the first place.

If your justification for abortion is because you know that you don't have the money for a child, then if you admit that you know that you don't have the money for a child, what's stopping you from withholding from sex until you're in a better financial situation to be able to afford a child, to begin with?

If your justification for abortion is because you just got pregnant by accident; you're not telling yourself (and others) the whole truth. How do you accidentally get pregnant? You tripped and he fell? Hormones can be strong, but they're not that strong. And if they are that strong for you, and you know that?

...then the responsibility you can take is in knowing yourself well enough to make the right decision beforehand anyhow.

I'll buy that you may have gotten pregnant by accident, but you didn't have sex by accident, which means that you threw caution to the wind...which was...drum roll, please: irresponsible.
Get it?

Can A Man Have A Say About Abortions?

AbortionAnd any man who has the will to share the burden of being a parent to that child should have a say. Take that choice away from him in any way, then you relinquish him of responsibility; you can't have it both ways. Women may indeed be biologically different than men and carry the baby for nine months; I will never deny that.

...But it's equally immoral in my eyes to disrespect the man who will work hard to be by your side to provide for, protect, and raise that child for the next 18+ years too.

One's Stance On Abortion Reflects Their Level Of Strength And Maturity

One's stance on abortion is, I think, very reflecting of their psychological strength and maturity as a person, which determines everything about how they respond to stressful situations and their ability to learn from their own mistakes: their ability to gain wisdom.

  • People may try to counter that by saying that what they can tell about me is that I'm a pretentious judgemental person with a false sense of moral superiority;
  • My counter to that counter would be that I just care about human beings;
    The counter to that counter would be a Socratic question about my stance on governmental healthcare;
  • If I were to remain logically consistent with the philosophy of personal and fiscal responsibility, I'd ultimately say no, that I don't support tax-supported governmental healthcare;
  • To which then the counter to my counter would be that I lied about caring about other human beings...
  • To which I would then counter that counter by saying that with personal responsibility comes fiscal responsibility; with fiscal responsibility comes financial stability. With financial stability comes no need for governmental healthcare, in the first place, getting me out of that Socratic attempt to find a contradiction in my argument, since competitional privatized healthcare would ultimately lend itself to benefiting the consumer first in this regard, to begin with, because the companies would be competing with each other for market share, as per the nature of economics.

(It's a linguistic Chess game; I thought ahead. I play different kinds of figurative Chess with myself in my own head. ...Seriously, I'm not kidding. Check out this three-part article about my memory palace here.

INTJ personalities FOR THE WIN!!!

...that's what happens when you have a childhood like mine... for better or worse... 😑 but I digress)
I came up from bad conditions; anyone who knows my life story knows that inarguably, but seldom do people right themselves after having been produced by conditions like what I went through. I didn't fully change until after I began to develop my own culture and took an honest look at what it would take to make it succeed and not go extinct from a population of one (just myself, in the beginning...which then eventually turned into five families, and growing).

AbortionWhen I did that, suddenly many of the libertarian/conservative views on sexuality started making a scary amount of sense, because I realized that I was taking what I had perceived before about the nature of my own culture for granted.

Don't do that.

Creating my own culture ended up being exactly what I needed for my psychological health, to tap into my true potential through self-actualization, and thus get somewhere in life. The life I'm living now is radically better than the life I had when I was younger.

In not just family, but every aspect of life, your personal power is directly proportional to the level of responsibility you're able to take for yourself. Victimization has never been the way of the powerful.

The more responsibility you take for yourself, the better you'll handle life's problems, the better you'll prevent life's potential problems, and the overall happier and more stable environment you'll create for not only yourself but everyone connected to you.

Deadbeat dads are another matter, and cases like rape are a different story; so I don't want my opinion on this to be taken out of context. I repeat that I'm not advocating taking any rights from women; I'm only saying that there should be a push for more personal responsibility as adults as a normalized part of being an adult, in the first place. I think men should absolutely take more responsibility in the same exact way. Everything I'm saying about personal responsibility in this writing should apply to men completely equally.

Now as you're angered by this post, notice how not once did I use religion as the basis of any of my arguments.
I didn't even touch religion; I don't have to.

The Risk Of Being Nonchalant About Abortions And Sexuality

All I need to use is sharp logic derived from a care about the evolution of my own civilization. If I took any other stance on parenting, Vannoken-Americans would be far more likely to go extinct; it's easier for so many first-world western women (and men) to be so nonchalant about abortion and their sexuality, because their population rates are so high that the thought of extinction never enters their minds.

But it has mine.

Herein, I challenge you to perform the thought experiment of how you'd create your own ideal civilization. Build it from ground zero starting with only one person (you), and then think to yourself about how you'd prevent it from extinction.

You absolutely can build a civilization from the start of only one person to lay the foundation of it, so long as there's enough genetic diversity to breed with besides that one person.
Suddenly, you'll realize just how wrong any other liberal stance is on this subject; it's actually been the size of your population that has made you take it for granted, like a spoiled and irresponsible kid who is ungrateful to have received a Corvette for their birthday, instead of a Lamborghini.

Liberal Views On Sexuality And The Future Of A Culture

AbortionIf you start off your thought-experimental population with what has become the conventional liberal opinions on sexuality?

...your culture wouldn't last a single generation. Three at most.

...which is why great civilizations, like the ancient Romans, inevitably collapse once they reach a certain height of power, because they forget what started their traditions to begin with, why they're important, and how forgetting them weakens the fabric of your culture, especially at the precipice of other cultures who want to destroy you. This is exactly what happened to the Romans with the Goths; I suggest you research that history.

The conservative traditions and viewpoints on sexuality stem from a time when the correlated civilizations were way lower in number. People thought less logically back then, so religion was the simpler way of explaining why those traditions were needed to help prevent the extinction of one's own people; however, that does not mean that there wasn't a very rational non-religious explanation for them.

Remember: every tradition has a story. If you don't know why a tradition exists, dare to question it by tracing it all the way back to what started it in the first place, and you'll begin to gain clarity about why it's still likely actually very important today. Not all traditions still have logical relevance today, but child-rearing is absolutely one of them that still does.

Therein, if you care at all about your own civilization, you'll understand why child-rearing is so important, and why personal responsibility should be taken when speaking of abortion.

Think before you have sex; that's all I'm asking you to do...for your own good.

Now, hate me. Thoughts?

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