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Being A Black Male In AmericaIn a debate group that I’m a part of a white man that I won’t name responded to a post: “…it always seems like the happiest black people in this country are demonized as nerds, coons, sell outs, and uncle Tom's."

A black woman on the leftist side of politics then responded: "You wouldn't know the happiest black person if they slapped you with all of their happiness. Your measurement of so called happiness is probably measured by a black person saying how wonderful it is to wake up and be loved by white folks. 😂😂😂"

She then posted a quote: "The American idea of racial progression is measured by how fast I become white." --James Baldwin

I then interjected:

"It does depend on one's definition of happiness, though I understand what [man's name] is saying.

  • Some black people are truly happiest in their struggle, in a counter-intuitive way, because that cultural narrative is the foundation of their reality.
  • Some black people, like myself, don't mind being thought of as Indo-European since the only major difference between a black Indo-European and an African-American is their cultural worldview.

As long as a black person's first language is English; they're arguably Indo-Europeans, according to the Oxford English dictionary definition, even if they call themselves a champion of pro-black leftist values.

At the same time, [woman's name] is completely correct when her quote is not taken so literally more than it is taken as a matter of culture; the mainstream progress of everything to do with being a black person in America who has "made it" is a black man who has prototypically mastered English, and with that ability gained an education from the school system(s) that are, for the most part, designed and maintained by whites, who becomes, in general, competitive in the free-market that is numerically dominated by Europeans, which is a matter of cultural evolution, being Indo-European, rather than African-American.

As a result of being Indo-European, it becomes far easier to advance in the white-dominated congregated cultures of European-descendants that make America what it is today by numerical majority.

Being A Black Male In AmericaTherein, the resistance against this can only ever go hand-in-hand with the reversal of advancement in the said European-dominant culture, because the more of a pro-black Africanist you become truly, the less English you'd speak, which means the harder you'd have it in the European-dominated school system(s), which is the paradox of "staying black" being counter-productive to what many would call "racial progression”. Ebonics itself is a form of cultural rebellion against the peaceful transition to make that final jump embracing the concept of becoming Indo-European, speaking our proto-European language properly.

This is essentially the breakdown of why blacks like me are thought of as traitors, yet while we tend to be, statistically, the most successful.

So it depends on one's definition of happy. [man's name] is right from the culturally mainstream opinion of what would make one happy in America: financial security, stable family, education, etc."

Him -- "Well said, Mike."

Her -- Crickets

Possible Options Of Future Of Blacks In America

Blacks in America, overall, face three options:

  1. Integration - Completing the transition of becoming Indo-European, no longer needing government assistance and becoming masters of what we've accepted to now be our native tongue, which is a proto-European language, making the foundation of our reality.
  2. Eradication - Resisting this final stage and thus looking at our new white-skinned family as an enemy in an endless war that ultimately leads to us making rebellious decisions that really hurt no one but ourselves in the end as we make decisions that lead us to become incarcerated, and most often murdered not by whites...but by our own people, as we write the equivalent to a demented form of Nordic skaldic poetry glorifying the "heroes" of such a culture in their war against the white man and other blacks: ghetto rap.
  3. Emigration - Rejecting the idea of becoming Indo-European, but respecting the fact that the world isn't poetically fair, and taking on the challenge of going back to what one considers to be their sole ancestral fatherland and starting over.

What Does "Staying Black" Mean?

Right, so, the entire concept of “staying black” is part of the cultural problem. What does that even mean, when you really break that down analytically? What is a "black" person, exactly? My skin color's not changing anytime soon.

Being A Black Male In AmericaI mean when you really stress-test that logic? Martin Luther King and the rest of my African-American ancestors literally marched in the streets, facing fire-hoses and attack dogs in order to get rid of the laws that made the foundation of the entire concept of “staying black”, being the 1-drop rule and other forms of Jim Crow.

Not keep them!

That’s exactly what we marched for; it’s just that no one used the term “Indo-European” when that’s exactly what it would mean to successfully integrate into society. Because we live in a democratic republic, and the majority populace just so happens to be descendants of Europe, this would only mean that the inevitable byproduct of successfully integrating into the country to live peacefully and be judged by the content of our character would be exactly that: embracing the values of western civilization, since that’s what we literally asked to be accepted as a part of.

Thus, to “stay black” is to resist integration, which is to spit on everything our recent ancestors worked to achieve.

The blacks who don't see that bring about their own suffering without a full understanding or awareness of why, which is why it seems like the struggle never ends for them.

...well? That's why.

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