Someone asked if I could analyze why China is acting the way that it is about the conflict in the South China Sea. Here was my response:

Does China Want A War With America?

South China Sea ConflictMan, Xi Jinping doesn't want a war with America. Hell no.

The president of China is basically like: "Alright, look everybody...I have this crazy-ass, retarded, backwater cousin of mine who's fuckin' it all up for EVERYBODY...but he is political family, so...shit.”

A clue is in their linguistics, exactly as described in this post (click here for the reference about Chinese linguistics)

Not all, but most of China has a bit of a collective inferiority complex when they're juxtaposed to the west, not terribly different from how many African-Americans suffer from an inferiority complex in the majority Indo-European culture that is America, though the Chinese express it differently because they too are a different culture than African-Americans with a different history and means of exerting power.

However, white westerners are literally like rock stars over there, to the youth at least. To the older generation? Not so much. But to the youth? Absolutely.

Then you have to take into consideration recent Chinese history: The boxer rebellion, WWII, the communist revolution, the fall of Qing dynasty, etc.

Then you have to consider how fragile the foundation of its otherwise huge economy is, how it's actually largely based on faith in the west in order to continue functioning.

What Does China Want?

South China Sea ConflictBasically, China is hard-pressed to be respected and acknowledged in the world, so it will flex its political and militaristic muscles whenever and where ever it can, not because it actually wants war, but because it just wants to be respected.

China does want to surpass America, but it wants to do so culturally, economically......not violently. In fact, there's an old quote by the Chinese philosopher of The Art Of War that goes: "For to win one hundred victories in one hundred battles, is not the pinnacle of skill. To subdue the enemy without fighting is the pinnacle of skill."

That's what the Chinese are trying their hardest to do. They will engage in corporate espionage, militaristic espionage, etc. but it's done not with the thought of invading America, more than it is simply wanting to catch up to and surpass America as the world powerhouse without going to war whatsoever, winning a potential war with America before it's even fought, as per the ancient Chinese wisdom.

Who Wants To Actually Invade America?

South China Sea ConflictNo country in the world with any kind of sane leader would want to actually attempt "invading" America. Think about it:

Let's just hypothetically say that by the magic of a shooting star (by the grace of unicorns, leprechaun rainbows, and fairy dust) that some country (e.g. China) would somehow mystically defeat our navy, airforce, marines, army, special forces, and even our coast guard...that would actually only be the beginning to conquering America. The real battle would be with 400+ million Americans who would definitely be, by this time, legally armed to the teeth because of the 2nd amendment, which would mean that the invader would be facing a guerrilla war of untold magnitude ever seen in human history.

Besides just law-abiding civilians, think about all of the gangs: the bloods, the crips, hell's angels, the Italian-American mafia, the Russian-American mafia, etc.

THEN let's begin to talk about the regular law abiding gun carrying citizens who would have, by this time, bought out all the gun stores in the country.

NOPE! Access denied!

...NOT happening!

NOBODY, and I mean NOBODY (sane) truly wants all out conventional war with America, not even the Muslim leaders; they want to overcome America sure, but they know damn well that it's not going to happen via direct warfare. Never. That's why the emphasis is on nuclear power nowadays.

What Can Unite And Divide All Americans?

Americans may be arguing about petty issues like race at the moment, but that's only because there aren't any bigger overt issues like the immediate threat of warfare to unify us. If any country were to even try, blacks, whites, Hispanics, Asians, etc. would all suddenly be united under the American flag the way they're supposed to be, working toward a common goal of fighting the invader, even if we didn't like each other on a personal level. The American flag would trump all bullshit personal grievances that we've been currently entertaining ourselves with...even with consideration for white nationalists. The concept of race would largely disappear for the duration of the war; there would only be Americans vs. Non-Americans. That's it.

Think of how common Americans united for the storm in Texas to help other Texans, regardless of their race.

No. Directly attacking America would make the country stronger in culturally unified might than ever before seen by any civilization anywhere in human history...even the Roman empire, Emperor Qin, Genghis Khan, or even Alexander the Great.

Dividing us has to be through means of media, boredom, and privileges that we take for granted as we become spoiled, and convince our political representatives to vote for the wrong presidential candidates on our behalf.

Never through direct warfare.

"You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass." --A contended/unverified quote by Isoroku Yamamoto, the commander of the imperial Japanese navy during WWII.

Another Weakness Of China

And another thing to think about is how that could backfire in an unexpected way with China. Remember, it's a communist government with no 2nd amendment; it may have a huge population, but almost nobody there knows the first thing about how to even hold a gun properly; many have never even seen a gun in person before, let alone know how to use one effectively in combat. And despite what propaganda you may see, legit Chinese martial arts fighters are actually far fewer in number than you think. The emphasis of the culture right now is on academics, not athletics.

And I'm not saying this happily; that actually broke my heart a bit when I finally went there, because I spent my entire teenhood learning Chinese martial arts. I went there and ended up knowing more than the average Chinese person. In order to find the real fighters, I had to search for them. They're there, sure, but they're not all.

So you could have a population of 10+ billion people, and it wouldn't mean shit if no one knows how to fight. China's ground army is strong, but that would only get it but so far in a war with the US.

Whom Does China Have An Issue With?

South China ConflictBringing our attention back to the island conflict of today in particular, it's a bit more personal to China pitting themselves against the Japanese who are considered by the locals to be the lapdog country of white men of the west (because of the nature of Japan's surrender during WWII, and the terms they agreed to under pseudo-American rule), and then you have feelings of vengeance that are heavily interwoven into the people there just by their domestic television.

Every. Single. Day. some national TV show reflects on how Japan hurt China, so the youth are swarmed in anti-Japanese rhetoric.

China's issue is not with America so much; it's with Japan. A personal score to settle. America just so happens to be in the way.

...And there you go.

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