Unified KoreaSomeone left a comment asking about North Korea: Why don't China and America work together to remove North Korea's regime and restore Korea to one unified state, after which, America would leave Korea independent, leaving China with no fear of invasion from America?

My answer?

South Korea is capitalistic; China and North Korea are communistic. I wouldn't say that China is communistic to the letter of the communist manifesto, because it does participate in the global free-market; however, you have to consider not merely the logic of the political ideologies as singular constructs in and of themselves; you also have to take into consideration the cultural evolutionary psychology of the people of each civilization. The minds of the people of North Korea are really molded to their communistic authoritarian beliefs.

Can Korea Be United?

Therefore, it's not so easy to just unite North and South Korea with some kind of political meeting; they've been wanting to kill each other for generations. You can technically unite them with some kind of legal document, but that doesn't mean that the North Koreans would stand for it, unless it was their ideological rule as the governing doctrine of the country...which it's not going to be; it's going to be the South's.

This means that the south is going to have to worry about rebellion and civil war; such a unification would be fragile and volcanic at best. Not if, but when a civil war would occur, American forces are going to be requested to help quell that rebellion, and suddenly that section of Asia will turn into another Middle East.

We don't want that. Nobody wants that.

What Would Uniting Korea Mean For China?

Unified KoreaAnd, besides just that, with what will create demand for even more American military presence in Korea, China's fears will grow even worse, and the situation will become terrible, not just for Korea's sake, but for China's economy's sake.

China's stock market crashed just a couple years ago, and it took massive amounts of government bailing to stop the Chinese Yuan from becoming worthless; it's already worth over six times less than the American dollar as it is.

China also doesn't want a war with America, in any way, shape, or form, because so much of what its economy is based on are the products you see everywhere in America that are "Made in China", get it?

So, China's stuck between a rock and a hard place: loyalty to its ideological beliefs, which the Chinese president must be aware of at all times in order to fend off political opponents, rebellion from its own people who are still stuck without free internet, free speech, etc.

...and making sure that what's able to prevent it from becoming an overpopulated third-world country by staying cool with America and the western nations. Because if we pull out all of our company production from China, two things will happen:

  1. America will go through a second industrial revolution as jobs return to America, or, a new contract with another cheap provider of work (e.g. India) fits the bill.
  2. China, North Korea, and all of the Indo-Chinese states will lose every bit of economic power they've worked so hard over the past 150 years to achieve. The sizes of their armies won't mean anything...their technology won't mean anything...because they wouldn't have the means to even fund their armies, to begin with.

What are your thoughts?

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