Welcome to Norton's Mind

Potentially life-changing wisdom through demonstration by example.

This is the online memoir of a man who is a philosophical writer, scientist, and entrepreneur.

The writing is usually in a narrative format, with most posts written as genuine stream-of-consciousness semi-rants.

You're basically following a continuing true story, from the perspective of the man writing it, as he accomplishes (or fails at) life goals, and what he learns throughout the entire journey that can benefit your own.

My content's focus is on business, family, philosophy, politics, and topics related to my self-actualization. Writing about my continual self-actualization will sometimes include flashbacks of child abuse that have shaped me into a pretty eccentric, though high-functioning, character.

There's no particular rhythm or rhyme to my posts. There is no set publishing schedule. Blogs are published as they come to mind, quality over quantity.

My mission is to simply demonstrate a non-violent example, one that is compatible with western civilization, based on my merit and the content of my character, while uniting all facets of my bloodline, the strengths of every cultural ancestor in as logically coherent a manner as possible, within the boundaries of my epistemic limitation, however imperfect or damaged I may be for the sake of evolving into a better state of being through the power of personal responsibility and the process of self-actualization.

In the process of doing so, I hope how I change over time leads me to leave the world a bit better a place than it was in when I was first born into it.

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Because I've shifted my focus more toward journaling directly on this site. I'm becoming progressively less active on social media. Blogging directly on the site, rather than on social media gives me superior control and ownership over, as well as privacy with my own content.

I also deal with fewer notifications this way, which helps me to stay more productive.


Each major project is based on a developing personal skill aligned with my overall life mission.

  1. OMIFirm.com
  2. WolvenIndustries.com
  3. VannokenCulture.com

Current Goals:

  1. Finish my physics degree
  2. Better scale my marketing firm

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