I've run paid advertising for many of my clients in the past. Though, I've done very little for myself until now.

It's been five years of toil, with 2 steps back/3 steps forward sort of progress for my marketing strategy firm. However, we've finally finished our first funnels outside of the freelancing websites we started with, and have begun to build the brand in the public eye.


The way we're scaling is with paid content. I'm taking my theory, called "Universal Marketing Mechanics," and creating a whole series of different formats to start passive income streams for the company.

We're looking at millions of dollars of revenue and profit over the next two to three years, that I'm going to continually reinvest into other things.

As I go to conferences and trade shows throughout Europe, America, and soon Latin America (as that early rising market develops), the future looks very bright.

We started effortlessly gaining likes and positive feedback for videos I actually published a long time ago.

When I first published them, they gained virtually no attention. However, this was not because of the quality of the content itself.

With just a little push of reinvested revenue, both my personal brand and my company's are making a steady climb in notoriety throughout key areas of the world, based on my targeted advertising.

Over the process of about two weeks, I performed the same series of paid advertising experiments that I would for my clients, but for myself, and discovered just how beneficial videos I made a long time ago, that seemingly had no purpose, suddenly are the tip of a multimillion-dollar branding spear.

The only question at this point is speed. How long will it take to reach the number of followers I need to produce the revenue results I want?

At the current rate, I'd say three to five years; though, that can entirely change if I seek investor funding through banks I've spent the past five years building deliberate, strategic relationships with.

For instance, part of the reason why it's taken five years is the fact that I've to rebuild my credit from its fall during a dark period of my past. (I've never had to file bankruptcy, though.)

So, because of how I started off as a psychologically damaged homeless veteran, I've bootstrapped my entire way here...against all external doubt in my character.

So, at the current rate we're advertising, yes, I estimate that it would take roughly three to five years to get to where I want to go.

However, if I were to incorporate my business and leverage my newly rebuilt credit score, and pulled out a large business loan that I could invest straight into advertising and trade show speaking opportunities...the results would undoubtedly come a lot faster.

And I've done all of this while studying physics full-time, servicing clients full-time, and being a family man.

It's been a hellish five to seven years...

...I've lost a lot of friends and family...

...I've been laughed at and called crazy...

...but seeds I've sewn years ago are finally coming to light...and I'm just getting started. 🙂