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House (Hugh Laurie) begins his own game of "Survivor" as he interviews candidates for his new team

I knew from the moment that I decided to touch my fingers to the keys of my keyboard to arrange this website that it would be an iterative process, like pretty much all entrepreneurial startups. I wanted to build an educational reference website, not unlike Khan Academy, but I realized that I’m too controversial a character to do so. This website also reeks of ego, and is checkered by swearing, sarcasm, dark innuendos, and other content that generally has no place in an upstanding educational environment for all ages.

Websites like Khan Academy are age-neutral, politically correct, and would be rated E (for everyone) if it were a video-game; Norton’s Mind would be more properly rated T or M (for “Teens” or “Mature”, respectively). NM’s target audience consists of people in their late teens and up, college students, graduates, and older.

This website is also technically commercial, which is why it’s not a “.org”, or a “.edu”. This does not mean, however, that this website isn’t credible or educational; it is. The style is just not suitable for all ages, and this website is clearly making passive income.

That passive income funds my research, inventions, and all; the money is being put to a good cause and all, but Norton’s Mind (NM) is still in its own category, separate from what you’d expect of your average educational website.

This website is me, my personality digitally incarnate. It’s sharp and edgy, competent, yet rough around the edges and pays little to no attention to conventional rules…because that’s who I am.

Though Khan Academy may be named after its creator, with the last name of Khan, just like this website is named after my last name, Norton, educational websites like Khan Academy are uniquely great in a way that Norton’s Mind can never touch, because, websites like Khan Academy are clean and pure in nature; Norton’s Mind isn’t.

What To Expect From Norton’s Mind

You can come to both the E-rated websites and NM to genuinely learn, but the atmosphere of my website is completely different from others.

House (Hugh Laurie, L) participates in Career Day at a local school in the "Two Stories" episode of HOUSE

When you go to the E-rated websites, think of them as the conventional classrooms wherein the teachers play by the rules for fear of losing their jobs if they piss off a parent; however, in contrast, when you come to NM, think of it as you walking into a college classroom with a professor that you can actually kick back with and have a good time while you learn. Ask the difficult questions that other people are afraid to ask.

You can even bring drinks, and snacks. Just as long as your food doesn’t stink, and you don’t chew too loudly or with your mouth open like a cow, put your cell phones away, you pay attention to the material, and you don’t disrespect me or my aid (my wife)…

…I’d be the kind of professor who lets you get away with a lot.

And yes, you can put your feet on the furniture so long as it doesn’t disturb the other classmates.

Ah yes, and feel free to cuss in the classroom, just as long as you don’t insult other people.

I hope you don’t mind if I, myself, may lay down on the main table (since there are no beds), because I might have stayed up for the past two nights making a breakthrough, and I have stubble on my cheeks from not having shaved for two days.

You got a stick a gum I could borrow? I forgot to brush my teeth today too, so my breath stinks. I’ll get you back next week.


I’ll keep my distance while I lecture; I won’t blow my breath in your face. I was running late because I was so tired, and I don’t want to hear the principal whining about it again. She annoys me.

…but you better actually pay attention, because I don’t give any mercy on the tests. For anyone.

And no, I don't give homework. It's up to you to be self-motivated enough to do what you have to do to pass. If you need tutoring, I'm here; I'll answer your questions, but I have limited time.

I don't want you to fail, but I'm not going to just let you through either. You came here with a purpose. Don't waste your money or time; if you're here to bullshit, there's the door.

House (Hugh Lauri, L) in classroom

Thus, even though I personally have the knowledge and skill to create a website that could possibly rival other neutral and professional E-rated educational websites, I’ve chosen not to, because it’s just not my personality to be that way, and to do so would inhibit my intrinsic motivation to keep sharing my research, because it wouldn’t be fun or comfortable anymore.

What you should come to this website for is simply a unique perspective on researched information, and a different style of teaching the more advanced stuff of academia. Think of each blog category as a class, and each series within each category as a semester within each class.

Enjoy yourself, and perhaps in the process of us asking each other the tough questions that nobody else wants to ask, may we find in the heat and passion of civil discourse entirely new ways of thinking.

But don't worry; participate in class? And I won't let you fail. You won't. You can't.

 Welcome to my mind.


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