Here's what to expect for the upcoming blog posts over the next year. Mike reads/will read/has already read through every page of research himself, before he analyzes each text and gives his perspective:

Philosophy & Literature

  1. Norton On Shakespeare
    1. Shakespearean Tragedy: Lectures On Hamlet, Othello, King Lear, Macbeth by A.C. Bradley
    2. The Hero With A Thousand Faces by Joseph Campbell
    3. Tolstoy On Shakespeare: A Critical Essay On Shakespeare
    4. Characters of Shakespeare’s Plays by William Hazlitt
    5. Hamlet
    6. Macbeth
    7. King Lear
    8. Othello
    9. Romeo And Juliet
  2. Norton On Ayn Rand
    1. Capitalism The Unknown Ideal
    2. The Virtue Of Selfishness
    3. Introduction To Objectivist Epistemology
    4. The Fountainhead
    5. Atlas Shrugged
  3. Norton On Nietzsche
    1. Homer And The Classical Philology
    2. On The Future Of Our Educational Institutions
    3. Homer’s Contest
    4. The Birth Of Tragedy
    5. On Truth And Lies In A Nonmoral Sense
    6. Philosophy In The Tragic Age Of The Greeks
    7. Thus Spoke Zarathustra
    8. Beyond Good And Evil
    9. The Genealogy Of Morals
    10. The Antichrist
    11. The Will To Power
  4. Norton On Schopenhauer
    1. Psychological Observations
    2. Studies In Pessimism
    3. On Human Nature
    4. The Wisdom Of Life
    5. The Basis Of Morality
    6. The Art Of Literature
    7. The World As Will And Idea
  5. Norton On Kant
    1. An Answer To The Question: What Is Enlightenment?
    2. Critique Of Practical Reason
    3. Religion Within The Limits Of Reason Alone
    4. Metaphysics Of Morals
    5. Thoughts On The True Estimation Of Living Forces
    6. The Only Possible Argument In Support Of A Demonstration Of The Existence Of God
    7. Observations On The Feeling Of The Beautiful And Sublime
    8. Critique Of Judgement
  6. Norton On Mills
    1. Utilitarianism
    2. On Liberty And Other Essays
  7. Norton On Aristotle
    1. Nicomachean Ethics
    2. Eudemian Ethics
  8. Norton On Derrida
    1. The Gift Of Death
    2. Voice And Phenomenon
  9. Norton On Solzhenitsyn
    1. The Gulag Archipelago
  10. Norton On Sun Tzu
    1. The Art Of War: The Definitive Interpretation
  11. Norton On Marx
    1. The Communist Manifesto
  12. Norton On Frankl
    1. Man's Search For Meaning


  1. Norton On Norse Mythology
    1. The Love Of Destiny: The Sacred And The Profane In Germanic Polytheism by Dan McCoy
    2. The Vikings: A History by Robert Ferguson
    3. Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman
    4. The Viking Spirit by Daniel McCoy
    5. The Poetic Edda by Carolyne Larrington
  2. Norton On Vlad Dracula
    1. Dracula, Prince Of Many Faces: His Life And Times
  3. Norton On Alexander The Great
    1. The Virtues Of War by Steven Pressfield
    2. Ghost On The Throne: The Death Of Alexander The Great And The Bloody Fight For His Empire
    3. Alexander: A History Of The Origin And Growth Of The Art Of War From The Earliest Times To The Battle of Ipsus by Theodore Ayrault Dodge
  4. Norton On William Wallace
    1. In The Footsteps Of William Wallace: In Scotland And Northern England by Alan Young
    2. William Wallace And Robert DeBruce: The Lives Of Scotland’s Most Famous Military Heroes by Charles River Editors
    3. William Wallace: Brave Heart by James A. Mackay
  5. Norton On Hannibal
    1. Hannibal: A History Of The Art Of War Among The Carthaginians And Romans Down To The Battle Of Pynda by Theodore Ayrault Dodge
  6. Norton On The Spartans
    1. Gates Of Fire by Steven Pressfield
      Ancient Greece: The Legacy Of Leonidas I by TD van Basten
    2. The Spartans: The World Of The Warrior-Heroes Of Ancient Greece by Paul Cartledge
  7. Norton On The Samurai
    1. The Book Of Five Rings by Minamoto Musashi
    2. Code Of The Samurai: A Modern Translation Of The Bushido Shoshinshu Of Taira Shigesuke by Thomas Cleary
    3. The Hagakure by Yamamoto Tsunetomo
      Samurai And Ninja: The Real Story Behind The Japanese Warrior Myth That Shatters The Bushido Mystique by Anthony Cummins
    4. Saito Musashi-bo Benkei Vol. 1 and 2 by James Seguin De Benneville
    5. The Lone Samurai: The Life Of Minamoto Musashi by William Scott Wilson
    6. From Civil War To Shogunate: Nobunaga, Hideyoshi, and Ieyasu by Christopher Glen
    7. The Chronicle Of Lord Nobunaga Ta Gyichi
  8. Norton On The Illiad
    1. The Iliad by Homer
    2. Ancient Greece: The Legacy Of Achilles by TD van Bastern
  9. Norton On Hitler
    1. Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler
    2. The Rise And Fall Of The Third Reich by William L. Shirer
    3. Hitler: Ascent by Volker Ullrich
    4. Hitler’s Last Days: The Death Of The Nazi Regime And The World’s Most Notorious Dictator
  10. Norton On King Baldwin IV
    1. The Leper King And His Heirs by Bernard Hamilton
    2. The Leper King by Scott R. Rezer
  11. Norton On Tesla
    1. Nikola Tesla by Sean Patrick
    2. The Autobiography Of Nikola Tesla by Nikola Tesla

Math & Science

  1. Norton On The Chaos Theory
    1. Chaos: Making A New Science by James Gleick
    2. Nonlinear Dynamics And Chaos: With Applications To Physics, Biology, Chemistry, And Engineering
  2. Norton On John Nash
    1. Nash Equilibrium And K-level Logic
  3. Norton On Physics And Quantum Mechanics
    1. In Search Of Schroedinger’s Cat by John Gribbin
    2. Seven Brief Lessons On Physics by Carlo Revelli
    3. 6 Easy Pieces by Richard Feynman



  1. Norton On The Bible
  2. Norton On The Quran
  3. Norton On The Torah
  4. Norton On Memetics
    1. Maps of Meaning by Jordan B. Peterson
    2. Virus of the Mind by Richard Brodie
  5. Norton On Evolutionary Psychology

Math & Science

  1. Lessons In Trigonometry With Norton
  2. Lessons In Calculus With Norton
  3. Lessons In Statistics With Norton

If you have any suggestions for what you'd like Mike to cover, contact him to let him know.