So long as it fits the themes of the site, people within the NM community are more than welcome to contribute their own articles to be published on this site, in order to get attention for and start debates about topics that they’re passionate about.

There are many themes for this website:

  1. Philosophy
  2. Politics
  3. History
  4. Psychology
  5. Mathematics
  6. Physics
  7. Logic
  8. Life
  9. Literature
  10. Learning Techniques

Take, for instance, if you were a woman who wanted to write an article about what it's like overcoming bulimia, that would be perfect for the "Life" section of the website.

Since the website is called "Norton's Mind", your article would be considered part of the "Guest Minds" category, and, if accepted, it would be reviewed, posted, and shared just like any of Mike's articles for the entire community to see and talk about.

You will receive full credit for your work; Mike has no need for ghostwriters.

If you're link-building, you're permitted two external links within your content, including what may be in the byline.


  1. The article must be over 700 words, free of spelling errors, free of hateful rhetoric, and devoid of political slants.
  2. Any and all facts presented in your article must be verifiably true from secondary sources. If you’re writing an anecdotal piece, be sure to explicitly state that what you’re presenting is anecdotal. You can write about ideologies that are generally considered to be hateful as a means of educating others about them, but that doesn’t mean that this website itself espouses hateful content.
  3. Though, that’s not to be confused with controversial facts; some facts can be considered offensive or hateful to some, but that doesn’t mean that they’re really meant to be, depending on the voice and delivery of the writer.
  4. NM welcomes uncomfortable facts devoid of political correctness, but we don’t condone those facts being manipulated to serve malevolent agendas.
  5. Any essays written with a specific point must also include the opposing argument’s side for the sake of credibility. Completely one-sided arguments without consideration for other viewpoints will not be accepted.
  6. Include a professional photo with a two-sentence byline.

If you're ready to submit content, contact us, or send a private message to Mike Norton on social media.

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