As described in the FAQ, Mike is entirely self-employed and works from the inside of his house, either as an Internet marketing strategist for companies around the world, researching and blogging for Norton’s Mind, and/or developing his inventions.

He feels that it’s important to establish a personal connection with the audience of this blog, particularly those who may donate to support his inventions, which entails putting up basic data and news updates about the progress of the projects that he’s currently working on as he’s working on them, such as recording any hurdles he meets and what he’s doing to overcome them.

This is so that people know that their dollars are truly being put to the cause that Mike says they are, and he can be held more accountable for delivering the things that he works on to the market.

In his opinion, being a public inventor is a great counter-intuitive method of staying motivated and focused to turn his visions into reality, because a real, live, breathing audience is following his updates, holding him responsible. This tidbit of healthy pressure keeps him focused and on-task.

You’ll notice that there’s a section on the homepage with color-coded significations.

Here’s what they are, and mean:

  1. Research Stage (RS) :: Mike has a vague idea of the next project, but is performing research to fill in his knowledge gaps in order to determine whether or not it's possible for him to complete with what tools he has available to him in his home.
  2. Concept Design (CD) :: Mike has finished the base amount of research needed to develop an iterative concept drawing/design/schematic.
  3. Prototype In Development (PD) :: The first prototype is currently in development.
  4. Prototype Ready (PR) :: The first prototype is ready
  5. Prototype Testing (PT) :: The first prototype is undergoing a range of tests to verify their safety and effectiveness.
  6. Market Ready (MR) :: The invention is ready to be sold on the market.

The ETA line signifies how long Mike thinks it'll be until he's ready to move on to the next stage. In the example picture above, what this translates to is: Mike has a very clear and workable idea that can truly work. It's purpose is to be a solution to an environmental crisis (e.g. air pollution), and he's designing it so that it's affordable by middle-class families (in first-world countries, unless otherwise signified). He believes that the first prototype will be completed in 12 months or less.

Finished Inventions/Innovations:

  1. Vanno :: a verbal and written language with mechanics deriving from every major language of the world, designed to enhance the speaker's linguistic neuroplasticity, helping them to quickly adapt to any country on the face of the planet, at will.
  2. Underwater Terrarium :: a container utilizing fiber optic solar technology to grow land plants underwater.
  3. Norton Mnemonics :: Norton's signature rendition of the method of loci, the memory palace is a famous way of memorizing large chunks of information in one's mind, through the use of their hippocampal memory. Click here to read more about it. Mike's version differs from the original by using psychological projections of imaginary characters and an algebraic formula for arranging different kinds of information in ways unique to the user.

Upcoming Inventions/Innovations:

  1. Nova Family Assistant :: an innovation of the Siri AI, "Nova" is a real-time digital rendition of Mike's childhood imaginary friend, named after the same name. Coupled with GPS tracking technology, Nova keeps track of the vital statistics of each family member, as well as track of their locations, with immediate access to local police and medical institutions by being integrated with Skype technology. Nova also acts as a voice-activated virtual assistant in the same way Siri does, as family members browse the Internet and set machines (such as the coffee machine) to be turned on by vocal command via wifi connection, as well as acts as a study aid by a virtual tutor.
  2. Norton Air Filtration Machine :: The utilization of solar panels on top of a plastic box that powers a fan that sucks air through a filter, while generating electricity that's channeled through a safely exposed raw metallic piano wire. On either of the sides of the box, there are panes of light filtration glass that filter UV rays from the natural sunlight that enters the sides of the box, and because of the way they're aligned, they create a magnification effect.As the air is sucked through the box, the piano wire proliferates negatively charged ions in the air that make it healthier to breathe; meanwhile, the focused UV rays sterilize the air of harmful viruses and bacteria, scientifically producing better quality air for virtually free.
  3. Canine LD Command System :: Utilizing standard 5.1 Dolby digital surround sound minimized around the ear canal of dogs connected wirelessly to a map software that sends pings to the dogs' ears to lead them in the direction that their owner wants them to move in a real-time 3-dimensional environment. Intended to be used for strategically and remotely positioning hunting dogs in forests and other terrains to more efficiently take down prey.
  4. Lunar Panel :: Utilizing the technology of hyper-sensitive ISO camera lenses and the optometry of cats to harness light for electricity during night hours, in contrast with solar panels that harness sunlight for electricity during the day.

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