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Fighting For Redemption Gets New Sales Writing For The Upcoming Edition

The new edition of Fighting for Redemption is receiving new sales writing. Mike Norton has done much with very little handed to him in life. Before he became a multilingual…

The new edition of Fighting for Redemption is receiving new sales writing.

Mike Norton has done much with very little handed to him in life.

Before he became a multilingual nomad wanderer traveling from one country to the next, before he became a physicist at one of the most elite universities in the world, as well as the award-winning CEO of an international company, Mike was like many other African-Americans: trapped in a dysgenic cycle.

His father was a drug lord who was brutally murdered at gunpoint. His mother was a neglectful seductress who wanted more from life. His step-father physically and mentally abused him: a religious, anti-white racist who hated Mike’s interracial heritage and resemblance of his original father.

As a consequence of these factors, Mike becomes a child who endures the stigma of homelessness, asthma, mutilation by flesh-eating bacteria, undetected tumors in his skull, and hospitalization for malnourishment. He develops narcissistic traits that hide his emotional vulnerabilities as he escapes into his imagination to shield himself from the harsh realities of his life and responsibilities.

You’re not supposed to like him. Writing this story was a needed exercise to break through his mental barriers.

Fighting for Redemption is a sad literary portrait of a man born in chaos as he struggles with his own genetic memory. It’s a backstory leading up to the moment of Mike’s attainment of self-awareness: individuation with his Jungian shadow.

It is a public letter to future generations of his line, after switching from an R- to K-selection strategy, as would be necessary to defy many odds in life to rebuild his culture.

The sales copywriting will update on seller websites before the actual new edition will be released.

The book has matured as I have, almost as if it were alive and becoming aware of itself.

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A Breakthrough In My Marketing Firm’s Business Model

So, I’ve made a breakthrough in business experience pertaining to my marketing strategy firm: After a little over five years of trial and error, I’ve solidified four reliable methods of…

So, I’ve made a breakthrough in business experience pertaining to my marketing strategy firm: After a little over five years of trial and error, I’ve solidified four reliable methods of delivering consistent, predictable revenue to the company in the form of client contracts.

  • Freelancing websites
  • Direct e-mail
  • Paid advertising
  • Trade shows/conferences

As we are 100% self-funded so far, my team and I have tried a multitude of different ways to bring in clients despite our budget restrictions. I’ve had the most success with my Upwork profile; that’s what’s kept us afloat during financial downturns.

Even if I’ve pulled in much more, I’ve deliberately chosen to only live off of roughly $20,000 per year while reinvesting every other dollar into experiments of varying forms.

I’ve learned not to reinvent the wheel

For a while there, I actually wanted to get off of Upwork. In the beginning, I viewed it as a crutch that, to rely on for revenue, demonstrated the weakness to my character as an entrepreneur.

Then, as I evolved over the years, once I actually developed the ability to get off of Upwork, I realized that, no, that’s exactly one of the best ways to build a marketing firm for a multitude of reasons. Most of the reasons involve the credibility and trustworthiness of my firm: its services and my leadership as a CEO. Once I developed enough skill to pull in clients without Upwork was the moment I decided to keep Upwork as a revenue stream.

For instance, let’s say I would officially leave all freelancing websites entirely and pull in clients without them.

Then what? How do I go into that exchange feeling safe in such a way that I will be consistently paid for my services?

Oh, I know, a great way to conduct international business would be with an escrow. What’s a great escrow I can use, hmmm….

…oh, that’s right: Upwork.

Meanwhile, as people leave 5-star reviews on my profile, the world knows that they are not faked because those reviews are verified by a credible third-party. That instantly shuts down the majority of people who may think me some kind of scam artist (of which many marketers are, sadly), which greatly plays into my favor.

If I’m a legitimate entrepreneur, then in my industry, freelancing websites like Upwork only serve to help me because they back me and protect my reputation in multiple ways.

So, in other words, I had actually started off doing the right thing from day 1. I burned a lot of time thinking that my success had to be an uphill battle: If something was working too well, there must be something wrong with it.

No. That’s exactly how not to think.

The way to think in this situation is to identify what’s working, and triple-down on that. Then, expand what works through experimentation.

How OMI is putting its Chess pieces in place for a long-term strategy

For me, what’s worked to build an international marketing firm from the ground up has been those four things listed above.

So, I’ve led my team to expand into other freelancing websites, such as PeoplePerHour.com, to expand our presence and ability to conquer market share.

Then, experiments with highly targeted cold e-mail have also proven to deliver leads reliably as well.

Paid advertising speaks for itself and should be a staple of any business to some degree or another, so long as they’re able to get their ROI to the right ratio.

And then trade shows/conferences require the investment of money to fly, to buy the event ticket, pay for the booth you’ll speak at, the hotel, etc. However, what I’ve found is that not only do people trust you that much more in person; what I call gold clients are what are in abundance at those shows.

I classify gold clients as the VC-backed entrepreneurs and well-established corporate businesses who can afford to pay the $70,000 – $150,000 per year contracts.

You have to put yourself in your best client’s shoes

And it makes sense why they would be the ones at those shows, because it takes money to be at those shows, which investors will also be at, as well.

Everyone’s trying to find each other there. And the price you have to pay to be there is kind of like a filter that creates a cultural standard: If you’re there, then you’re at a certain level of budget by default, in most scenarios.

There are people who gamble with a low budget to afford being at those things; however, they are the minority: the exception to the rule.

The general rule is this: If you can afford to be at those shows, then you’re typically either an investor who knows entrepreneurs who would love to hire you, or an investor-backed entrepreneur who is already looking to hire you…both having the budget to do so.

Therein, within the past week alone, I’ve developed the leads of two gold clients just through one of our channels, and we’ve only just begun with our paid advertising.

So, what I’m going to do is seek one or two solid gold clients, ones that I can build a beneficial, mutual, business relationship with for the long-term. Then, I plan on still living within my means of only $20,000 to $30,000 per year in personal income while I reinvest everything into scaling the company’s passive income streams by developing our paid content.

That way, I can keep my business relationships who may not pay me/us millions of dollars per year. Yet, we will still make millions of dollars per year through my firm’s passive income streams, such as by the paid content that we advertise to the masses that haven’t contracted me as their marketing strategist, but pay to access the company’s private content and attend our mastermind groups.

For instance, if I land two $6,000-per month contracts (which I’ve absolutely done, several times), then that’s ~$12,000 per month. I only need $2,000 to $3,000 to live comfortably off of with my family. which means that’s anywhere between $9,000 to $10,000 extra per month that I can reinvest into growing my business: Paying my worker’s salaries, paid advertising, affording events, etc.

Building my brand in general.

It’s been a very good week of progress.

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Dealing With Insecurity Through Entrepreneurship

My Facebook page has cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost contracts: people who were highly interested in contracting my marketing strategy firm. With me, though, it’s never…

My Facebook page has cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost contracts: people who were highly interested in contracting my marketing strategy firm.

With me, though, it’s never been my inability to intuit when something about my behavior is inefficient. It’s always been about my level of emotional maturity and stage of healing.

A person like me needs to write. It’s how I process psychological scarring from childhood trauma in a safe and healthy manner enough to maintain being a high-functioning citizen without any drugs or medication, legal or illegal. It’s how I organize my thoughts both vertically and laterally. It’s how I extract wisdom from past actions and situations by reflecting and self-observing as needed to evolve into a better person over time.

For a long time, my Facebook account served that purpose until I reached the right stage of maturity necessary to let it go. I still write, of course; that’s why you’re reading this post right now. However, I write for an evolving purpose as I develop as a character.

For writing’s many benefits though, the way I sometimes allowed the distracting and addictive element of social media to lure me to show off was very detrimental.

Insecurity can be a powerful emotional fuel that can lead people to accomplish great things up to a point: the will to prove someone wrong.

It’s no secret that I come from impoverished and chaotic origins. Along with that comes the judgments and projections of others that are most often inaccurate, especially from the people who knew me from my hometown before I joined the military, traveled the world, and became an entrepreneur.

The initial assumption was that I wasn’t going to become successful, which is a relative judgment because one should define success, to begin with, for there are tiers.

Then, there’s the international reputation of being black. NOTE: I do not say “white oppression,” (for I don’t buy into far left-wing politics) but the reputation tied with being black in a high-IQ, highly competitive corporate business niche.

In other words, at the beginning (and still even so to a degree) there’s the assumption that I’m not an honorable character. And maybe I’m not depending on your philosophical viewpoint. For instance, a communist would think me dishonorable for being an entrepreneur.

What I mean by “not an honorable character,” though is in the typical “who is he trying to fool?” low expectations that have little to nothing to do with me as an individual.

Meanwhile, I have the memories that I dwell on at times pertaining to those who thought so lowly of me before this journey started. People who were supposed to be my friends and family.

I wanted to prove them all wrong. These variables made the Petri dish of my growing insecurity. My growing insecurity led to a cycle of posting every single success (large or small) on social media. And doing everything I could to verify, re-verify, and seek the public validation of success.

…when some of the most successful people on the planet aren’t in the public light at all.

So, unpublishing my Facebook account was healthy, and doing so was long overdue.

My productivity has shot through the roof. I’m not bombarded by notifications from people devoid of good intentions. Arguing with them, or obliging the insecurity of always wanting to prove other people from my past wrong, would lead to something I’d say or do indirectly that may cause the unintended loss of a contract, therein defeating the point.

I was less successful with a Facebook account, even though I had, indeed, proven many people wrong throughout my growth.

I can focus on reaching higher and higher tiers of success, though, (including spending more time with my family), with social media as the next sacrifice I’ve chosen to make to get there.

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My Challenge Of Balancing The Resources of Two Companies

One of the greatest obstacles I face right now is balancing the resources of two different companies. This includes both time and money. I’ve established a great advantage that most…

One of the greatest obstacles I face right now is balancing the resources of two different companies. This includes both time and money.

I’ve established a great advantage that most entrepreneurs don’t have by designing their business models in such a way as the majority of my job as CEO can be performed at home.

However, there’s always the question of how much I should invest in one company to accomplish one goal, while balancing the performance of accomplishing another for the other.

I’ve got Wolven Industries (WI), my defense engineering firm, and I’ve got OMI Firm, my marketing strategy firm.

My true passion is in physics; this means that WI is my baby and entrepreneurial endgame. I established OMI Firm as a solution to a financial pinch I was in when I was living in China. I had to figure out how to do the following in one fell swoop:

  • boost my income enough to eventually return to a first-world country,
  • have the traveling freedom to stay with my wife (who is not an American citizen, but a Latvian one), while adhering to the laws of the EU for my visa, while
  • being available to my child(ren),
  • raising funds to pay for my physics education

My answer was to develop an online consulting company, helping businesses to market their products and services with my strategic expertise.

The odds were greatly against me, and it took a while to make first-world-middle to upper-middle-class income, but I made it through despite my many character flaws and psychological hurdles. A consulting business is basically powered by the owner’s mind: His inventory is his knowledge; his distribution is his ability to speak his knowledge to clients who are looking to know what he knows.

So, if my own mind is my factory, so to speak, then, yes, I could travel around the world as an e-citizen not financially attached to any one respective country.

So, OMI was always meant to be a means to an end: a strategic life-Chess move to accomplish the long-term vision of my defense engineering firm.

Everything was going well (in that context) until I got invited to Rome to speak about quantum physics. I suppose I was found by my LinkedIn criteria, as well as some of the ideas that I was posting online, on social media.

There was no way I could turn them down; so, I had to go into hyper mode: Wolven Industries had to get to an MVP (minimum viable product) stage and fast, only within a few months.

Else, I wouldn’t have anything to speak about, for I was just a student.

So, I was never so ambitious as to want to have the burden of multiple growing companies at one time. One is hard enough. At the same time, I remember great words by the legendary entrepreneur, Richard Branson:

So, following his advice, I’ve ended up with two companies, but only one nest egg of capital that I’ve worked hard over the past five years to build, without yet being ready to sell OMI.

  • Traveling to events to promote either business costs time and money.
  • Social media advertising costs money and talent.
  • Developing marketing materials (e.g. blog articles) to market either business takes time.
  • Servicing clients for marketing strategy costs time and talent.
  • Maintaining a skilled and loyal staff costs money.

So, right now, I have the problem of building two companies from the ground up, while studying physics (because I have deadlines in college to meet), while being a family man.

Needless to say…it’s not easy.

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