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Fighting For Redemption

Mike’s family has lost everything; the government took it all. His father was a drug lord who was brutally murdered at gunpoint. His mother is a neglectful seductress who wanted more from life. His father’s replacement is racist, overly religious, and abusive to him. Mike is a child who lives with the stigma of homelessness, asthma, mutilation by flesh-eating bacteria, and a weak undernourished body. He is without any friends…except for one that he creates with his imagination. The future looks bleak for him, but all hope is not lost; Mike was born with a gift: an astonishingly high IQ, coupled with an uncommon willpower needed to accomplish his dream: to become a United States Navy SEAL. At first, you may not like him as a person; he’s a rebel, an antihero, a maverick who lives by his own code of honor and tells truths that no one wants to hear.

His strength is his intelligence; his weakness is his rage. But he when he loves, he loves deeply, so passionately that he’d be willing to sacrifice anything for her.

Fighting for Redemption is an inspirational and true coming-of-age story, recommended to anyone who believes that the imagination can be used to overcome great trials and tribulations of the mind and spirit, such as: suicidal depression, crises of identity, losses of sanity, heartbreak, feelings of isolation and exile, the desire to harm oneself, child abuse, and extreme poverty.

Norton writes for the underdogs, to give strength to the misunderstood, the black sheep, and those with hearts too big and covered with too many wounds to go on.

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