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Increasing My Credit Score To The Legendary 850

So, ever since I’ve bounced back from financial ruin, I’ve kept a stern eye on my credit score. Currently, I’m only 2 points away from an excellent score, entering the…

So, ever since I’ve bounced back from financial ruin, I’ve kept a stern eye on my credit score.

Currently, I’m only 2 points away from an excellent score, entering the 1% club. I’m not going to put all my information out there, but here’s an idea in the form of a screenshot, taken from my Experian account:

I would currently be at a full excellent score if it weren’t for a few hard inquiries that I’m waiting to drop off at the end of the year.

I ended up having to make hard decisions that destroyed my credit seven years ago, during a crisis with my family. I decided to become a homeless vet, rather than endure the family culture that was my original house.

This is also what partially led to me eventually declaring cultural independence from African-Americans, with a handful of veteran brothers of mine.

I’ve thoroughly researched whatever is known about the algorithms of the credit bureaus by following people like Ask Sebby on YouTube:

…as well as calling my credit bureaus for confirmation of different questions I’ve had about my specific situation.

I started with a Navy Federal secured card to start rebuilding my credit. If memory serves correctly, I backed it with only $500.

After a while, I proved myself responsible with regular payments, leading to a credit limit upgrade to $1,000.

Then, later on, I was able to get it upgraded to $11,000.

And then I got an American Express gold card once my credit returned to 730.

Throughout this process, I was building my marketing strategy firm, which started off as a fully online microbusiness. This is what I used to repay all my debts, as well as fund my education in physics.

I had already expended my GI Bill benefits on my first degree I earned while I was in China: a business degree in marketing strategy. So, I’ve had to pay my way through my physics program in cash.

After I began to touch the surface of the 750 credit range (which is what creditors count as “excellent,” with anything above it being superfluous), I outlined a step-by-step strategy for me to get it past 800, and onward to the legendary 850.

Most people say such a credit score is superfluous, and in most cases, they’re correct.

However, what my studies have taught me is that there is, indeed, a use for such a credit score: bidding on houses and apartments.

When two or more people put in bids for real estate, whoever has the higher credit score is more likely to win.

This is critical for my position as the leader of the Vannoken tribe because I’m going to want to have as a great an edge as possible in bids for lands and housing as we expand our cultural territory and buy assets to pass on to future generations of our people.

Once I get to the 21+ accounts mark as needed to enter the legendary 850 club, I can then buy acre after acre of land, house after house, and then rent them out like any other real estate company.

This is a huge advantage to treating OMI Firm as a holding company, not just a marketing strategy firm. A marketing strategy firm is just its baby form as I continually reinvest over the years to build the wealth of our families.

Furthermore, by becoming an E-stonian citizen, I’m able to incorporate my holding company at the international level with great tax benefits that give us an edge with both taxes and investors.

At this point, with me, it’s just a matter of time and building my portfolio, one account at a time.

What we’re doing as a tribe is directly countering the claim that minorities are held down in modern day politics from building their own generational wealth. Of course, they/we can. Those of us who’ve struggled need better decision-making, which is what I mean to demonstrate.

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I’ve become an E-stonian!

My application to become an E-stonian/e-citizen of Estonia was approved! They said it would take 4-5 weeks, but it only took a couple days! 🙂 They must have liked me!…

My application to become an E-stonian/e-citizen of Estonia was approved! They said it would take 4-5 weeks, but it only took a couple days! 🙂 They must have liked me!

I provided them with links to virtually everything about me. I hid nothing. So, I know they had to have seen Vannoken culture and all that. So, I'm so happy that people get what I'm trying to do, to be believed. I'm trying to give back, especially to Europe, not take away from it. And I understand why there's been doubt; just like the University of York giving me the benefit of the doubt for their physics program, I am humbled and appreciative beyond words to receive Estonia's benefit of the doubt as well.

I have many flaws as a character, but it's good to see that most people see how hard I'm working to overcome them and build upon society, rather than tear it down.

It's good to have an extra citizenship of any kind, in this context, even if I don't hypothetically register my marketing strategy firm in Estonia.

Thank you very much, Estonia. I am in your debt, and highly appreciate your approval of my application. It is truly an honor, and I won't abuse it.

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How I’ve Recovered From Extreme Financial Lows

Not everyone can go from extreme lows to extreme highs in triumphant personal stories of conquering adversity. People who say otherwise are lying. You may often read about those kinds…

Not everyone can go from extreme lows to extreme highs in triumphant personal stories of conquering adversity. People who say otherwise are lying. You may often read about those kinds of stories; though, most times, when a person goes homeless or something to that effect, they stay that way.

I've been homeless three times in my life: twice while I was a minor because of parental reasons I couldn't control; once because of parental reasons I could control.

Skipping over a lot of details, while making a long story short: After getting out of the military, I decided to become a homeless veteran because that, to me, was better than living in the same environment as my biological mother and step-father.

I was correct.

It was a decision that came with long-term mentally scarring and embarrassing sacrifices over the short-term. However, it proved to be the absolute best decision in the end for my mental health, wealth, freedom to rebuild my culture, and family in the long-term.

It was the ultimate marshmallow test.

I went to college while living outside, under the Rt. 42 bridge in southern New Jersey, doing odd jobs for cash to get by. My bank account locked up from defaulted bills I could no longer afford to pay while homeless, and thus my credit score tanked. Then, I temporarily dropped out after earning a job teaching English in China, after becoming the top in my Chinese language class.

Throughout this period, I was recovering from extreme sickness that had built up from my childhood, undetected tumors in my skull.

...while building my marketing strategy firm: OMI, and returning to college online for a degree in marketing.

...until I reached the point of success that allowed me to live in the south of Spain, while buying land in Alaska, and paying my way through a second degree: physics.

...as my credit score began to improve in leaps and bounds.

There's been no trick to the way I've bounced back: I was smart, disciplined, willing to be made fun of, willing to delay massive amounts of instant gratification, and willing to sacrifice nearly every element of my life (including friends and family) to come out on top.

Though, I will say that I wasn't so smart in the sense that I made no mistakes; I made plenty of them.

A person like me can end up homeless from making unintelligent decisions based on false axioms they were taught at birth. Much like how this highly intelligent individual sometimes struggles with math, being taught the wrong axioms at birth is like being taught PEMDAS in the wrong order.

It takes a willful effort to become self-aware enough to change the order of operations one uses to navigate through life. This is what had to occur for me to start making the right decisions to get from point A to point B.

Figuratively speaking, instead of being taught PEMDAS in the proper order as would be necessary to solve a life equation, I was taught something more like DEPMAS...which perpetually yielded wrong answers, and it wasn't until I started rebuilding the framework of my own psychology that I was able to turn everything around with great personal sacrifices:

But it's unrealistic to think that the average person can do this.

Meanwhile, because my parent(s) were solving their life equations with DEPMAS instead of PEMDAS, that would explain why they continually financially struggled. Though, once you reach a certain age, it becomes increasingly difficult to change one's habits and behaviors. I knew they wouldn't change; thus, I left and didn't look back.


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A Major Milestone At OMI Firm Is About To Be Reached

I’ve run paid advertising for many of my clients in the past. Though, I’ve done very little for myself until now. It’s been five years of toil, with 2 steps…

I've run paid advertising for many of my clients in the past. Though, I've done very little for myself until now.

It's been five years of toil, with 2 steps back/3 steps forward sort of progress for my marketing strategy firm. However, we've finally finished our first funnels outside of the freelancing websites we started with, and have begun to build the brand in the public eye.


The way we're scaling is with paid content. I'm taking my theory, called "Universal Marketing Mechanics," and creating a whole series of different formats to start passive income streams for the company.

We're looking at millions of dollars of revenue and profit over the next two to three years, that I'm going to continually reinvest into other things.

As I go to conferences and trade shows throughout Europe, America, and soon Latin America (as that early rising market develops), the future looks very bright.

We started effortlessly gaining likes and positive feedback for videos I actually published a long time ago.

When I first published them, they gained virtually no attention. However, this was not because of the quality of the content itself.

With just a little push of reinvested revenue, both my personal brand and my company's are making a steady climb in notoriety throughout key areas of the world, based on my targeted advertising.

Over the process of about two weeks, I performed the same series of paid advertising experiments that I would for my clients, but for myself, and discovered just how beneficial videos I made a long time ago, that seemingly had no purpose, suddenly are the tip of a multimillion-dollar branding spear.

The only question at this point is speed. How long will it take to reach the number of followers I need to produce the revenue results I want?

At the current rate, I'd say three to five years; though, that can entirely change if I seek investor funding through banks I've spent the past five years building deliberate, strategic relationships with.

For instance, part of the reason why it's taken five years is the fact that I've to rebuild my credit from its fall during a dark period of my past. (I've never had to file bankruptcy, though.)

So, because of how I started off as a psychologically damaged homeless veteran, I've bootstrapped my entire way here...against all external doubt in my character.

So, at the current rate we're advertising, yes, I estimate that it would take roughly three to five years to get to where I want to go.

However, if I were to incorporate my business and leverage my newly rebuilt credit score, and pulled out a large business loan that I could invest straight into advertising and trade show speaking opportunities...the results would undoubtedly come a lot faster.

And I've done all of this while studying physics full-time, servicing clients full-time, and being a family man.

It's been a hellish five to seven years...

...I've lost a lot of friends and family...

...I've been laughed at and called crazy...

...but seeds I've sewn years ago are finally coming to light...and I'm just getting started. 🙂

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