Class with the unprofessional professor is not yet in session.

 After a recent survey, Mike discovered that over 47% of his starting audience in the pre-marketing of Norton's Mind (NM) would be willing to pay for online courses if Mike was the one to host them.

Therefore, Mike Norton will be hosting his own college-level courses for those who need extra tutoring for their classes. The courses cannot be accredited (for now), but you can be sure that they will be credible and helpful aids for college students looking for extra tutoring in the specific subjects that Mike decides to cover.

If you haven't read his letter to students yet, you probably should, in order to get an idea of what to expect from his classes. Mike was an award-winning teacher in China who's taught hundreds of students despite his lack of official institutional credentials, and has trained some of the highest ranking debate competitors in all of China.

College textbooks are expensive; therefore, following the syllabi of the latest updated textbooks of certain courses, Mike will be creating his own, more affordable versions. Then, students can use those textbooks to gain extra help from his online courses in order to succeed in their actual accredited courses at university.

If you'd like to stay updated on when classes will be in session, sign up for Mike's e-mailing list by clicking here.

Profits made from the sales of textbooks and course enrollment will go to funding Mike Norton's inventions.

What classes will be taught?

Mike may be an autodidactic polymath with a ton of knowledge in many different subjects; however, there are still only but so many hours in a single day, and he's got a family to take care of. Therefore, instead of trying to tackle every subject at once, Mike will exercise the freedom to choose which classes he wishes to teach before each semester.

How cocky does Mike have to be in order to think he can just teach whatever class he wants, whenever he wants, at will?

Not cocky at all, just not restrained by conventional logic. There's absolutely nothing illegal about setting up shop as a private tutor for any class imaginable. As long as Mike is openly honest about his lack of formal accreditation, it's up to the consumer/students to decide whether or not it's worth the investment. This makes it Mike's responsibility to work hard and be absolutely on point with what he teaches, in order to manage and maintain his reputation and credibility as an educator; that's the power of one who follows a competitive free-market economic philosophy.

One semester he may want to teach algebra; the next, he may want to teach history or literature; Mike's classes are based on what he's interested in at the time. Counter-intuitively, because of this, you may actually wind up getting a better education from Mike than the teachers at most other public institutions who are dependent upon the state to provide their salaries, making them restrained by the rules that Mike isn't.

Doing it this way, Mike also gets to set his own salary, and this allows Mike to truly teach with passion, in a way that fits his true personality, which makes the classes even more energetic, funny, engaging, and valuable to the students. By freeing himself to teach the classes that only he wishes to truly teach, there's absolutely no reason why Mike would come to class in a bad mood, because he's teaching exactly what he wants to teach, when, and how he wants to teach it, while getting paid what he wants to get paid, instead of brown-nosing and praying for a raise.

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