There are two different kinds of debates that NM supports and hosts: paid and free. Both debate groups have "closed" privacy settings, so people can debate about whatever they want without having to worry about being judged by non-members.

Winners of paid debate competitions keep their profits; what goes to Mike is the small hosting percentage. All profits made from this website go to funding and furthering Mike Norton's education, which leads to better content for this website, new equipment, as well as the research & development of new inventions.

To suggest a debate theme, contact Mike Norton.


Think you're pretty smart?

Join the paid debate group, and pit yourself against other people to win cash prizes in the hundreds and even thousands of dollars!

Paid Debates

Win cash prizes with your debate skill!

In the paid competitions, you can win serious cash prizes. Neither Mike nor Karina Norton participate in them; it wouldn't be fair. However, they choose the topics of the debate, and act as judges.

Paid debate competitions are hosted periodically, as there are proportionally enough people to actively fill tournament slots.

There is also a set of rules that each participant must agree to, that are sent to them in e-book form.

How it works!

Though debates aren't a form of gambling, like online poker, each competition has a minimum buy-in that each participant pays to a safe third-party escrow, in order to secure their slot in the tournament. This money does not go to the Nortons; it goes into a pot that is contributed to by all of the participants.

And, at the end of the competition: to the victor go the spoils.

The Nortons only collect a 10% hosting fee from the pot; the rest goes to the winner(s). Winners are determined not by their opinions themselves, but by how well they're able to argue their positions against their opponent, even if the moderators don't personally agree with them. Winning is about the individual's skill, not the flavor of the opinion; this means that Mike Norton will even allow a true Neo-Nazi to win, if that person properly follows all rules of the competitions, and is the legitimately better debater.

Free Debates

Debate casually with fellow netizens!

If the concept of the paid competitions seem a little too hardcore for you, have no fear. You can join the other open and free group to share articles that you may find about virtually any topic imaginable that you'd like to debate about.

A respectful environment!

Regardless of whether you're in the free or the paid groups, there are rules to be followed that are upheld by the moderators with extreme prejudice, in order to cultivate a nurturing environment for people of any and all political, philosophical, scientific, mathematical, and religious denominations.

Anyone, from people who believe in racial segregation to Marxist economics are welcome, even if they're disagreed with. What matters most is that any and all opinions are expressed in a non-disrespectful way. Verifiable facts, no matter how offensive, are appreciated from any side of the arena as fair play, but personal attacks are not tolerated in the slightest.

Solve problems together as a community and expand your mind through the power of civil discourse!


Join the community today!

Join the free debate group and delight in passionate free discussion that's kept clean and strictly moderated. Trolls are shown no mercy by the moderators, so that you may pit your own thoughts against others without worry.

But keep in mind, just because someone espouses a belief or idea that you find offensive, doesn't qualify them as a troll alone. Without people who disagree, there can be no debate.

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