The new edition of Fighting for Redemption is receiving new sales writing.

Mike Norton has done much with very little handed to him in life.

Before he became a multilingual nomad wanderer traveling from one country to the next, before he became a physicist at one of the most elite universities in the world, as well as the award-winning CEO of an international company, Mike was like many other African-Americans: trapped in a dysgenic cycle.

His father was a drug lord who was brutally murdered at gunpoint. His mother was a neglectful seductress who wanted more from life. His step-father physically and mentally abused him: a religious, anti-white racist who hated Mike’s interracial heritage and resemblance of his original father.

As a consequence of these factors, Mike becomes a child who endures the stigma of homelessness, asthma, mutilation by flesh-eating bacteria, undetected tumors in his skull, and hospitalization for malnourishment. He develops narcissistic traits that hide his emotional vulnerabilities as he escapes into his imagination to shield himself from the harsh realities of his life and responsibilities.

You’re not supposed to like him. Writing this story was a needed exercise to break through his mental barriers.

Fighting for Redemption is a sad literary portrait of a man born in chaos as he struggles with his own genetic memory. It’s a backstory leading up to the moment of Mike’s attainment of self-awareness: individuation with his Jungian shadow.

It is a public letter to future generations of his line, after switching from an R- to K-selection strategy, as would be necessary to defy many odds in life to rebuild his culture.

The sales copywriting will update on seller websites before the actual new edition will be released.

The book has matured as I have, almost as if it were alive and becoming aware of itself.