Conventional wisdom states that one shouldn’t make their goals public. I do not follow this advice for my own reasons.

I’ll work around the clock to accomplish a specific thing, and post about it on social media.

But, then, I have a tendency to not say anything more about that specific goal before I complete it.

I want to accomplish x.
*radio silence for two years*
I’ve accomplished x. Why didn’t anyone believe I could do it?

And the reason why is not that I’ve lied about my goals. I actually sacrifice much of myself to achieve what I want to do in life. I have more successes than failures. And I’m more of a man of my word than most people you’ll meet in the world.

The problem, though, is that I’m not consistent with communication about those goals. This can throw off people who follow me on social media.

I’ll announce a lofty goal. Then, I’ll get laughed at for it by someone.

I’ll disregard the ridicule and get to work hard on it behind the scenes. In the process, though, I’ll meet natural and understandable setbacks. This may delay the time it takes for me to accomplish it. But, because I don’t say anything, it gives the perception that I’m not still working toward that goal. That I’ve given up. That the hater who laughed at me was right.

Then, all of a sudden, out of nowhere, I’ll publish on social media: “Voila! Check out x, y, and z here, here, and here! I’ve done it!”

And people shake their heads, “I thought you dropped that!”

When, in fact, I had dropped nothing. I just failed to make any more updates on it. So, people either forgot about those goals, or they thought that I hoped they’d forget about them.

And that’s my fault.

Thus, in this section of the website, I’ve listed my major goals. Each goal will have its own category on the blog, set for regular updates on its progress.

Current Goals:

  1. For Family (click here)
  2. For Business (click here)

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