This article is the continuation of a series. Make sure you read the article before this one.

In the article before this one, I outlined three different critical weaknesses. These will cripple me if I don’t master them:

  • My psychological weaknesses
  • Branding
  • Scalable business processes

I’ve already touched on my psychological weaknesses. In this article, I’m going to explain my branding strategy.

Developing My Branding Strategy

Let us analyze why Elon Musk can make a simple tweet and make millions of dollars in flamethrower sales.


Musk already has a ton of followers who hang on his every word. He’ll literally write on the website that the flamethrowers are “overpriced.” Yet, they’ll buy anything from him anyway because they believe in him.

I’ve written before about an A/B split test that I performed with a prior client of mine. I beat him in conversions because my personal branding was stronger than his.

Why do people continually buy Apple products year after year?


Branding is everything.

Therein, to convert the number of people I need to meet my $10 million goal, I need a branding strategy.

What Is Branding?

In a sense, “branding” is reputation. It’s the emotion your name provokes in the minds of those who behold it.

It’s whether people trust and believe in the solution your providing for them. Based on their faith in your name.

Or, your company’s name. It can go either way.

The Scalability Of Branding

If you can get one person to trust you, you can get a thousand. You just have to understand what it is about what you did that got the first person to.

Then, replicate that at scale, such as what would occur with advertising.

I’m starting with the story. I’m leveraging my backstory as the foundation of my branding. The reason why is because my backstory reveals different truths about my strengths.

These strengths mean certain truths about my capabilities as a leader. My capabilities as a leader reflect my ability as an entrepreneur.

And, like a trickle-down effect, my capabilities as an entrepreneur affect conversions. By “conversions,” I mean sales, or whatever it is that I’m trying to accomplish.

The Context Of “Conversion”

For instance, a “conversion,” doesn’t have to be a sale. It could also mean “converting” a person from not trusting me into trusting me.

Context is key when using the term.

Meanwhile, these conversions of trust could apply to anything. It could apply to a customer or client.

But, it can also apply to investors. And that’s what people like Elon Must have done.

The story of how he landed a rocket backwards impresses people. The story of how he didn’t give up inspires people.

He didn’t just build a car company; he created a story that exudes character traits. The proof of these character traits are in his accomplishments.

His accomplishments beget attention (such as from the news), which scales his branding. The amount of people who learn about him and fall in love with the story.

This is the effect and value of international reputation. Of honor.

And then success begets success. One accomplishment leads to x-amount of people who admire and follow the story.

Then, you can tweet out to them about something you’ve built. They’ll buy it, because of your branding. Your story. Their love for you.

That’s how it works.

The more you accomplish, the easier it gets to accomplish. At least, in certain contexts.

Because there is a dark side to it, too. Such as how hard the fall is when you finally fail. Which happens. But, I’ll save that for another post.

My Branding Style

I have written my story.

I have built my honor around what I have been able to accomplish, despite my background.

Then, when people check my Upwork profile, they see the myriad of 5-star reviews. They see the certifications, the degrees.

This leads them to giving me a try, despite the international reputation of being black. My personal branding, as an individual, trumps many hurdles.

Clients speak to me in interviews. They get a feel for the kind of person I am.

They respect where I am despite where I’ve come from. And this leads to opportunities to succeed.

…and then, success begets success.

I’m just at a far lower level than people like Elon Musk. However, the pattern is the same.

Same pattern. Different league.

And it works.

What I Need To Do

I’ve established the foundation of my branding. This website helps with that. Since you’re reading this, my branding has reached you to a certain extent.

Even if you don’t follow me, you’ll have at least touched some base with who I am.

A percentage of people reading this will convert, and another percentage won’t.

To reach the leagues of people like Musk, Neil Patel, Alex Becker, etc. I need to promote myself harder.

At least, at the time I’ve written this post.

The value is here. I’ve completed the hardest part. On either this site or the website of my marketing firm.

What’s left is promotion, such as (but not limited to) the following:

  • Paying for ads.
  • Earning backlinks from different websites.
  • Getting news coverage.
  • Convincing influencers to support me.

And there are different ways to go about doing this. I’ll post my branding strategy in a later post.

Do you see any holes in my logic? Leave a comment below to let me know.

If you liked this article, read more as I update this blog while I accomplish my goals.

Be sure to read the next one in the series.