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I’ve built an international marketing firm, called OMI. It’s got a story of its own, which you can read here.

OMI’s not a huge firm, but it works. It’s real. It’s growing, and it puts food on the table for not only my family, but several others.

The business has a valuation of about $300,000. At the moment, I’m making six figures, including money I pay to my team.

I work out of my home, which is currently in Spain.

I don’t plan on living in Spain forever, though. I’m building a life for myself, in Alaska.

Many people wouldn’t want to live in Alaska. But, I’m a unique breed, and so are the people who are joining me.

They depend on me, for a lot. They trust and respect me, each for their own reasons.

I solve more than just business problems on the daily basis. I solve family problems.

I’m the rock and leader of my household and tribe. But I have my flaws, and lots of them.

I’ve set huge goals for us. Huge plans.

But, I run into setbacks, like anyone else would.

What you’re reading is the story of how I’m accomplishing the following goals:

  • Earn $10 million with OMI
  • Launch Wolven Industries

If you’d like to read the updates on these goals as they happen, click here. Or visit the “Entrepreneurship” category of this website’s blog.

But first, understand my character:

My Strengths

  • I’m intelligent and decisive. At least, compared to the average person in the world. But, this does not mean that I never make mistakes. I make plenty. All the time. I just learn fast when it comes to things I’m genuinely interested in and care about. Really fast. Scarily fast. And my knowledge spans a wide range of subjects in a polymathic manner. I use my wide range of knowledge and experience to synthesize heavy loads of information. Sorting through what information is relevant or not. I’m able to strike the heart of abstract and complicated problems. Problems other people think are impossible or completely unrelated.
  • I know myself. To make it where I have in life, I’ve had to overcome intense conditions. I come from a broken home. I’ve been homeless. I’ve been deathly sick and malnourished. To override much mental damage, I’ve had to write thousands of pages of self-reflection. This has burned much of my life’s vitality. But, I’ve won mental freedom from my chaotic familial cycle in exchange.
  • I’m strong. I’ve got the mental strength of a sociopath, without actually being a sociopath. My willpower comes as a byproduct of overcoming my childhood. Meanwhile, I’ve turned my empathy into a skill as I’ve grown.
  • I’m self-sacrificing. I can give the impression that I’m a narcissist to people who don’t know me. I do have mild narcissistic traits from the damage of my childhood. But, I don’t take the lead to be the center of attention. In fact, I hate needless attention. I can barely psychologically handle but only so much at a time. It drains my energy as an extreme introvert. I take the lead because I have the genuine qualities necessary to plan and get things done. Not because my ego tells me that I must be the leader.
  • I’m confident. I’m only confident in what I know, but I know a great many things. I am not confident in what I don’t know, or haven’t experienced. This can give the impression that I am a know-it-all, but I know that I don’t actually know it all. I just know a lot, about a lot.
    I have great macro-vision. I’m a big picture thinker who has a Chess-like imagination. The INTJ personality type describes me spot on.
  • I work in energy bursts. There are periods when I accomplish more in a day that most people do in two weeks. And then, there burnout days on which I accomplish nothing at all.

My Weaknesses

  • I’m disorganized. While I have great macro-vision, I tend to have weaknesses in micro. I can see the big picture and plan the big moves, but without a wingman or team, the details will cause my failure.
  • I’m scarred. I carry lots of post-traumatic baggage with me that prevents me from sleeping well. This affects every other aspect of my life.
    I’ve got bad time-management. This one’s relative. I’m exponentially better than most people, but not quite good enough to plan in the leagues that I’d like…yet.
  • I’m usually late. On everything. I keep my promises, but not oft on time.
  • I have a hard time sticking to routines.
  • I’m too introverted for my own good. Being in front of a camera drains me. Speaking to people drains me. Though, I understand the need for people, and I do care about the human species. My introversion makes it very difficult for me to be social. This is an ironic twist for an Internet marketing strategist. How can you be a good social media marketer if you’re not social? Thus, I work behind the scenes for some pretty impressive clients. I just can’t do the same for myself to the same degree, because that would require being in the spotlight. I hate the spotlight. And I always prefer writing, rather that speaking to people face-to-face. I can be in the spotlight, as well as speak to people face-to-face, but I just can’t do it long.
  • I work in energy bursts. When I hit burnout days, there’s nothing I can do. I don’t know how to overcome when I mentally “check out,” other than getting rest and letting it pass. But, this could mean losing clients at the most inopportune times.

Keep these strengths and weaknesses in mind as you read updates to this blog. You’ll understand the context of how I perceive things.

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