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I come from a very controversial background. The controversy exists in my decision to disconnect from my original biological family.

The process leading up to the decision took years. How it happened is very sad. There are many sides to every story, but here’s mine.

In short, I recognized a pattern for cyclic cultural self-destruction.

…and I wanted to break it. To break that cycle.

But, what I wanted to do went far beyond being the first person in my family to complete college. It went beyond being the first to own his own business, travel the world, and do many other things.

It meant being a better father than what consequence denied me. Rebuilding my tribal language and cultural traditions. Securing land and generational wealth.

But, I didn’t want to follow the common beat of the victim’s drum. I wanted to take responsibility for all that I could about my life.

I wanted to be a conqueror, not a victim.

But understand how controversial my stance is, during our time.

A man can’t change his biology. I can’t change my skin color, or hair type.

…but I can rebuild my culture. I can declare cultural independence on my own land, and start over. The same way the founding fathers of America did. Declaring their independence from England.

I even had an official declaration of independence signed, which you can read here.

Why I Consider Myself Recovered From Slavery

The problem with African-American leadership is that it lacks SMART goals. SMART is an acronym for specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-based.

There is rhetoric communicated from leader to parent. Then, it passes from parent to child, generation after generation.

It’s an old song and dance about overcoming oppression.

But there’s no special guideline for what that actually means. When will African-Americans win their victory, so to speak, and through which means?

What does one consider victory? And what is the strategy for attaining that victory?

This is why there’s inevitably bound to a be a splitting of tribes and sub-cultures. Because not all minorities are the same.

Here’s why I consider myself caught up from slavery:

Let’s observe exactly what was taken from my ancestors during slavery:

  1. Land. (This is debatable. Because who’s to say that my African ancestors had any land of their own, to begin with, rather than a hut).
  2. Language. (English is not actually our language)
  3. A means of living. (Note that I do not say “wealth.” Because who’s to say that my African ancestors were ever particularly wealthy?)
  4. Tribal traditions. (Stories, religion, holidays, etc.)
  5. Names. (they lost their names)

Okay. So, when we observe these five key things, one begins to realize that the problem is intrinsic. Not extrinsic.

Following this method of articulating specificity, there forms an actual finish line. A point of success or failure, at which, one achieves satisfaction and feels the need to march no more. To protest no more, etc.

So, I formed my own tribe. Just like the ancient Europeans and many of the modern Africans of today.

Not many agreed with me. Some thought I was crazy, or delusional, or “self-hating.”

But a few agreed with my strategy, and we’ve been working to take control of our lives ever since.

Therein, here is the Vannoken tribe’s strategy for having attained cultural equity:

The Goals & Steps

  1. Land — Save up several thousand dollars and buy it. Where ever the hell you want. I chose Alaska. Check.
  2. Language — Learn the mathematics that would pertain to it. Then, develop algorithms and rules for the expression of meaning. Choose vowel and constant sounds to make your language sound the way we want it. Check.
  3. A means of living — Go to school. Develop a trade. Begin competing in the market with that trade. Check.
  4. Tribal traditions — I recommend you read this postCheck.
  5. Names — Like Malcolm X renamed himself with the same logic, we’ve developed our own Vannoken names. Check.

Okay. So. That took how long? A process of 5 years, maybe?

Defining “Oppression”

Now, let’s define “oppression.”

  1. Is anyone taking my land away from me? No. (Unless you count property tax. But, that is a legislative issue that pertains to everyone equally. That is not racial oppression.)
  2. Is anyone working to strip me of my language (Vanno)? No.
  3. Is anyone preventing me from making money in the international market? No. I have to deal with the international reputation of my phenotype, which may lose me business. But that’s not actually “oppression.” That’s just people not choosing me. Which is fixable with a personal branding strategy…like (hmmm!) developing your own tribe and working to build an honorable reputation for it over time.
  4. Is there anyone saying that I can’t develop my familial tribal traditions? To an extent in technicality, yes: the law. But this isn’t based on my race. It’s based on concepts like child safety, the prevention of domestic violence, etc. But, these are things I agree with. Therefore, I do not have the freedom to start legally sacrificing children to a random god (so to speak). But, I wouldn’t want to do that anyway. Ergo, no. I am completely legally free to develop new traditions for modern times. Traditions that are practical for the healthy development of my own family.
  5. Is anyone taking my Vannoken name (Ódeas) away from me? No. With all that said and done…it looks like, nope, I am not oppressed. I am caught up from slavery. No need to march. No need block streets and protest. That is not to slight the wonderful work that legends like Dr. Martin Luther King became. I am only referring to modern times.

All I needed to do was clarify what it was that I wanted with specificity. Then, take responsibility for disconnecting from negativity. Focusing, instead, on my self-improvement, my self-actualization.

And my only journey is to keep working on myself, to build an honorable reputation.

Here’s our cultural strategy for doing that:

The Plan For Improving Our International Reputation

  1. Analyze what other cultures are doing to gain honor, since honor is perspective-based. Then, figure out what I can do with my own personal natural talents alike to that.
  2. Do that.


Next problem.

The Next Steps For Rebuilding My Family

Skipping over many details, you should know that I found a wife. We have children.

Thus, acquiring land, and education, and rebuilding my language isn’t enough. There are other goals that I need to work on, as well.

Such as restructuring family economics. Planning for educational advancement, and other things.

I will post how I’m accomplishing these goals. Perhaps, you can learn much about improving your own life from reading about how I improve my own.


  • Plan my children’s educational opportunities
  • Plan the family microeconomics
  • Finish the Vannoken cultural website

Comment and leave your thoughts as you read the posts. You may make an observation that changes the course of my decision-making. You’d essentially be interacting with a true story, as it takes place.


Where shall I send updates about what you can learn from the goals I accomplish? (Or, perhaps, even fail at?)

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