My application to become an E-stonian/e-citizen of Estonia was approved! They said it would take 4-5 weeks, but it only took a couple days! 🙂 They must have liked me!

I provided them with links to virtually everything about me. I hid nothing. So, I know they had to have seen Vannoken culture and all that. So, I'm so happy that people get what I'm trying to do, to be believed. I'm trying to give back, especially to Europe, not take away from it. And I understand why there's been doubt; just like the University of York giving me the benefit of the doubt for their physics program, I am humbled and appreciative beyond words to receive Estonia's benefit of the doubt as well.

I have many flaws as a character, but it's good to see that most people see how hard I'm working to overcome them and build upon society, rather than tear it down.

It's good to have an extra citizenship of any kind, in this context, even if I don't hypothetically register my marketing strategy firm in Estonia.

Thank you very much, Estonia. I am in your debt, and highly appreciate your approval of my application. It is truly an honor, and I won't abuse it.