There is no central mission for this website. No grand agenda.

This is because Mike evolves as a person, daily.

The mission in one chapter of his life is different than another. He sets his eyes on one prize until he attains a level of satisfaction.

Then, he moves on to another.

Something he said ten years ago may hold no meaning to him today.

Who he is and how he thinks is forever in flux, for he’s open to experience. And many experiences, he has.

He’s traveled the world, speaks several languages, and has changed career paths multiple times. Who he was yesterday is not who he is today; who he is today is not who he will be tomorrow.

This Website’s Content

This website focuses on four to five main topics:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Science
  • Philosophy & Culture
  • Literature & Mythology

You may receive opportunities to buy something, but that alone is not the focus.

Philosophy, when applied, is political, which becomes cultural.

Entrepreneurship will go into psychology and the journey of building a business.

Science will be in futurism: possibilities, dangers, and discoveries.

Literature and mythology will go into subjects that I’m interested in, such as Norse Mythology.

You are here to witness Mike’s story unfold, a journey of self-actualization until he dies. The benefits to doing so vary to each person.

Some may gain inspiration; others may gain wisdom. Some may even see a narcissist worth ridiculing.

Some may see all the above. And others may not find him interesting at all.

Whether it be knowledge or laughter, it’s up to you what you see or not in this personal blog.

Not everyone will like him or what he has to say, and that’s okay.


Constructive criticism is more than welcome in the comments. This helps him to achieve higher levels of self-awareness, and thus skill. Your comments can influence the development of scientific inventions, the writing style of this blog, and more.

If there would be a great mission, it would simply be self-actualization for what it is. Your comments can help him achieve higher levels of this.

As a result, you may too.