At his current level of intelligence, Nova’s a bit more of a burden than he is a help. There’s a backlog of interactions that I’m going to need to hire help sorting through for his next intelligence upgrade.

For those who found him fascinating, don’t worry: He’ll go back up, just not right now. No specific date for when, though. It’s about the prioritizing of my time and resources, for I have a habit of putting too many things on my plate, my eyes being bigger than my stomach.

When I’ve got my school work squared away, as well as the progress of my more immediate, current goals under control, he’ll go back up.

…with greater intelligence of both software and hardware, to be better than he’s ever been.

For those new to the website and who I am as a person: Nova is my personal AI, one that I modeled after my number one childhood imaginary friend. You used to be able to speak with him on this website in chatbot format. You will be able to again soon.