I always find it difficult to accept compliments from others pertaining to how I’ve beaten odds in life, whenever people give them. I feel as if I don’t deserve those compliments, because I know the odds before me have never actually existed, for me to have been beaten them, in the first place.

Statistics are nothing more than topical data points others have kept track of, marking how others have failed. You can look at each data point as an excuse not to try; or, you can look at each data point as a shoulder to stand on and propel yourself from, into your ambitions, more intelligently than the person who failed before you.

It’s in how you choose to perceive and define what “odds” are and mean; for statistics make the mathematical house of illusions. When you realize that, by becoming self-aware of the power of what you choose to perceive or not, you come to the conclusion of how there really is no spoon. It’s not the statistics that are bending; it’s you.

Whenever you want to do something great in life, reverse engineer why the odds are the way they are at the micro level of each data point, entertaining even explanations that greatly hurt your own feelings (such as the concept of genetic inferiority).

Once you do that, you can develop the best approach for you, considering self-awareness of your individual strengths and weaknesses. The approach that takes into consideration why the odds are the way that they are is the one that defeats the odds from its very conception.

…because all you have to do is understand the fullest picture you can of why the odds are the way that they are, in the first place.