My family was meant to be moving to Alaska this year, but there’s going to be a delay yet again. The spread of coronavirus has gotten so bad in Spain that they’re extending the lockdown to May 9th.

Of course, I’m not going to announce the exact date we’re leaving. However, it was definitely supposed to be before May 9th.

A Future Solution for Your Aluminum Waste and Wolven Products

As I work on the Wolven Industries UV cleanser, I’ve repeatedly come into obstacles. Things here do not work quite in the same way as they do in the US. For instance, securing recycled aluminum has been a challenge.

Therefore, once we are settled and situated in Alaska, I’m considering having a specific address to which people such as yourself can send aluminum cans to me in bulk to be recycled into our products. In exchange for product discounts or other perks, of course.

I can extract, melt, and cast precisely what I need either for the upcoming UV cleanser or any other products I design with the forge I have built.

From the gold of your necklace that can be converted into an electrical SMART chip to the wood of your table that can be converted into a diamond, I know how to turn every functional product from seemingly out of nothing.

Virtually everything around you can be converted into something else through the right chemical process. 

You Can Get an Autograthed Copy of Fighting for Redemption. Here’s how.

If you haven’t already read Fighting for Redemption, I humbly recommend it. It gives a great contextual backstory on the posts I write on Facebook. 

If you leave an Amazon verified review, you’ll receive a free autographed copy of the book, along with the money of your purchase reimbursed.

I’m seeing people having purchased the book, but not leaving reviews. I’m seeing people leaving reviews but not sending me their address.  Very few people are actually buying the book, and leaving a review, and sending me their address.

The offer is not fake, I’ll really send you both an autographed paperback, and the money for your purchase back. Please send me a direct message on Facebook. Be quick, the promotion ends at 50 reviews.

I Think This Tattoo Would Look Next-Level Badass, Shirtless

Should I finally get those Norse tattoos I’ve been talking about for years before I reboot my Instagram page with the workout and martial arts pics?

I was thinking about getting one of the stanzas of the Hávamál. They are key to my personality written in Old Norse runes. They’re also a part of a beautiful painting depicting the cycle of existence told in Völuspá, with the end of the runes evolving into Vannoken calligraphy that says something else.

The prominent people I think it would trigger would primarily be people who haven’t actually read the ancient poem as that would be necessary to really understand. But if you have read the poem, you’ll see how the tattoo concept actually makes perfect sense.

What do you think? Should I go for it? 

Practice Makes Perfect

To develop my new skills, such as soldering, I started fixing everything around the house. From the toy skeleton from our Halloween decoration to fixing my wife’s headphones, anything that’s even slightly damaged or broken. 

I also used 3D-printing PLA (thermoplastic) to mend and reinforce the toy’s joints and then screwed it back together. It works perfectly now. While I succeeded in fixing the toy’s joint,  I ordered a proper solder station for safety. 

I am definitely getting the hang go it.

Too Cool For School? 

While talking with my daughter the other day, I self-analyzed reasons why I had an aversion to doing homework growing up. I wanted to be “cool.” But I had no father or consistent parenting to bequeath wisdom to me or pay enough willful attention to my environment. 

“Homework” to a child is like “race”, to hate within the concept of it is taught or learned more than it is intrinsic.  

Like Pavlovian associative memory training,  homework, research, studying, etc. are all tied to positive mental associations in functional, and well-controlled environments…with the combination of good, high IQ genes? 

You don’t cut children off from the world or prevent them from having friends. You let them have their life.

Instead, you simply consistently control the environment within which they make decisions as they develop past a certain age, as you demonstrate the right example (such as me being highly erudite myself).

It’s like raising crops, I’d imagine. If you want to have a strong field of whatever it is that you’re growing, you don’t want to force pesticides and other unhealthy unnatural stuff.

You just want to make sure you have intrinsically good seeds (e.g., genetics), all the nourishment and sunlight the plant needs, while keeping the environment as clean as possible of molds and invasive elements like viruses and bad influences and then let nature run its course without interfering beyond that. 

Am I right? What are your thoughts? As always, feel free to leave them in the comments below.

That’s a wrap for now. Stay tuned for more updates.