Break your cycle.

How do you escape the pain of your past that ensnares your mind?

You’d think that a person who has been through what Mike Norton has would become a serial killer, in prison, at best.

You’d never expect someone like him to become one of the world’s leading scientists developing entrepreneurial solutions to fight against bacteria and viruses. No way he’d become the CEO of an international marketing firm helping to build multiple businesses.

His father was a kingpin drug lord who was brutally murdered at gunpoint. His mother was a neglectful seductress who wanted more from life. His step-father physically and mentally abused him in various ways: a religious, anti-white racist who hated Mike’s resemblance to his original father and interracial heritage.

Mike becomes a child who endures the stigma of homelessness, asthma, mutilation by flesh-eating bacteria, undetected tumors in his skull, and hospitalization for malnourishment. He also experiences draconian punishments, such as being locked in a closet until he loses his sense of time.

As a combination of all these factors combined, Mike develops narcissistic traits that hide his emotional vulnerabilities as he escapes into his imagination to shield himself from the harsh realities of his life.

Yet, somehow, he snaps out of it. How?

Face your shadow. Break your cycle. Escape the ghost of your father.

Based on a true story, by reading about how Mike faces his past in Fighting For Redemption, you may learn something about facing your own.

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Who is this book for?

People who are looking to vicariously experience a thought-provoking internal dialogue of inner conflict as the main character undergoes a painful series of trials and tribulations, both mentally and physically, to master himself.

Through the protagonist, you will learn much about life, overcoming internal weaknesses, and developing self-awareness for gaining more control over your life.

People who like this book may also like Dr. Jordan Peterson’s work.

Who is the book NOT for?

  • People who hate men
  • People who are looking for a clear-cut ending
  • People who hate introspective self-criticism
  • People who have no idea who Carl Jung, Sigmund Freud, or Nietzsche are
  • People are turned off by martial arts and/or the military
  • People who are heavily, judgmentally religious

What are the themes explored in this book?

Developmental psychology tied to varying forms of physical and mental child abuse, suicidal depression, as well as the politics of interracial identity crises to name a few.

Though, the deeper themes reference Jungian, Freudian and Nietzschean psychology pertaining to the development of one’s identity as the protagonist grows.

Wait, so, is this a pro-identity politics memoir or one that's against it?

The protagonist undergoes a victimhood-based identity crisis as a part of the story as he grows. Though, the point of the story is the buildup to the moment he realizes how he’s mentally trapped and snaps out of it.

The author of the book is pro-western civilization.

Is this a story about Mike's success?

Yes and no. It depends on how you define success. This is not a typical “I started at X and ended up successful at Y!” memoir.

…no, this is more like “I started at X and ended up at a horrific Y because of my actions, until an epiphany that doesn’t come until much personal loss.”

Depending on your definition of success, the ending is left up to your interpretation.

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About The Author

A physicist and award-winning marketing strategist, Mike Norton is a polymathic INTJ personality that was hardened by an unforgiving life of poverty, violence, sickness, and psychological trauma: Mike Norton is a darkly intense rebellious perfectionist who lives by his own code of honor. Though reserved in person, he’s known to actively memoir on his public social media page, sharing his thoughts, opinions, philosophy, and sometimes even advice with the readers of his work.
  •  In physics, he designs technological solutions for home and self-defense as the CEO of Wolven Industries.
  • In marketing, he’s the lead strategist of OMI Firm, helping businesses to achieve their quarterly revenue goals with award-winning strategies.
  • As a writer, he’s the 7-time winner of the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower Award for essays about world peace and respect.
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Where You May Know Him From

Wolven Industries

Wolven Industries is a defense engineering firm that develops technological solutions for civilians, military, PMCs, and police.

OMI Firm

OMI Firm helps businesses achieve their quarterly revenue goals with award-winning sales and marketing strategies.

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