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All profits made from this website go to funding and furthering Mike Norton's education, which leads to better content for this website, new equipment, as well as the research & development of new inventions.


Different sizes and versions for women are available; click each link to see more options. When you buy a shirt, show your support for Norton's Mind by taking a picture of yourself in it, posting it on social media and tagging us in it!

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Sarcasm 1 T-Shirt -- $19.50
Try Science T-Shirt -- $19.00
Raised Irish T-Shirt -- $19.99
No Fear Chemistry T-Shirt -- 19.00
Diagnosis T-Shirt -- $24.95
FFR Quote 2 T-Shirt -- $19.99
Never Trust An Atom T-Shirt -- $19.00
Modus Tollens T-Shirt -- $19.99
Sarcasm 2 T-Shirt -- $19.50
Better Than Average -- $19.00
FFR Quote 1 T-Shirt -- $19.99
MPalace T-Shirt 2 -- $19.99
MPalace T-Shirt 1 -- $19.99
Macbeth T-Shirt -- $19.99


Buy the "Forces" Tribal Remix by Mike Norton

Mike has a raw talent for making music with unorthodox objects. Starting a one-man band named "Alchemy", there is a single from the album "Something From Nothing", wherein Mike combines his own vocals, an empty beer bottle, a 2-liter empty bottle of soda filled with rice, an empty bleach bottle, and his desk.

...while singing in different languages.

This song is his tribal remix of "Forces" by Susumu Hirasawa, a song from the Japanese anime, named Berserk.

Michael also designs the cover artwork himself. He would have involved other instruments that he taught himself how to play, such as the guitar and violin, but he didn't have those on-hand at the time.

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