As I’ve blogged about before, I’m in double calculus classes.

Well, to be precise, one is a simpler Algebra 2 course that ends in Calculus, while the other is a Classical Physics and Quantum Physics course that thoroughly involves integrated calculus from the very first unit.

I got nearly a perfect score: ~95/100. Each question was answered correctly according to my thought-process; however, there was one question that I failed to follow directions on what manner of expression they were looking for pertaining to factorization. So, I got partial credit. My answer wasn’t wrong; it just wasn’t presented in the complete way that they wanted it.

I take responsibility for that, though, because before the quiz, I could have asked about the specific limits of my factorization they were looking for.

I’m still dealing with major confidence issues pertaining to second-guessing my intuition when it comes to solving an equation. Often, my gut will tell me what the answer is right from the jump without actually having to show any work, but there’s a subconscious tripwire that I fall over when it comes to second-guessing myself.

My tutor has been helping me greatly with drill after drill. He seems to have more faith me than I have in myself.

So far, I’ve done pretty well in understanding the basics of integrated calculus; though, we’ll see what time will tell as I progress (or not) through my current challenges.

It’s extremely difficult running both companies (my marketing strategy firm, as well as my defense engineering firm).

I have to balance the workload of multiple marketing clients with their respective deadlines. Meanwhile, I have to develop the presentation I need to speak about upcoming Vannoken body armor in Rome.

I hired a graphic designer to help me make custom, beautiful, watercolor slides of wolves for the powerpoint presentation; though, I’m having a hard time finding the right engineering artist to depict the armor in the way that I’d like it, because my own drawings are subpar (in my opinion).

My own drawings serve the purpose of getting the idea I want across to fellow engineers; though, I wouldn’t present my scribbly lines to investors.

My wife has proven to be a wonderful support, as always; she’s always there with coffee when I need it, emotional support, food, conversation, keeping the kids from distracting me when necessary, etc. Sometimes, she even checks my math work on the huge, university-sized whiteboards we have in our house.

Sometimes, speaking to her helps to dissipate an occasional flood of post-traumatic memories that interrupt my concentration and lower my morale, depending on what they are; other times, I need to be alone and just deal.

Though, I’m very fortunate to have been awarded by fate the opportunity to win her respect for such marital support; I know full well that many men in the world do not have such a peaceful, pleasant, compatible, and fruitful marriage as I.

I wouldn’t be able to progress in business and physics the way that I am otherwise, if there was not peace and order in my house enough for me to focus.

Though, despite all this, I just don’t feel like I’m moving fast enough. For instance, I’m actually two units ahead in one of my two math courses, for I decided to study ahead before the semester even started. Though, I have to stay at the pace the school wants me to, which I understand.

…even though my ambition remains unsatisfied.