I’ve been trying to leave Facebook for a while.

Part of it has been a mild addiction from the notifications and the widely known effect they have on the brain; part of it has just been habit: It’s easier to just type what’s on the top of my mind and click submit in a Facebook post, rather than utilizing a CMS like WordPress to type what I want to say, set the settings and categorization of the post, find a featured image, etc.

Besides privacy and security issues, though, shutting down my Facebook account (for now) serves multiple beneficial purposes such as, but not limited to, the laws of England when I move there to finish my final year(s) of physics at York. What I’ve posted before in the past was fine, because it wasn’t in English airspace. However, with the direction that England is taking with its feel-good politics, you never know when something I think is harmless may land me in an English jail for a reason that wouldn’t even matter in a place like America.

I love England; don’t get me wrong. I just know myself; I have the self-knowledge to acknowledge that I’m rough around the edges when compared to my English contemporaries. Part of that is good old American charm; part of that is just being an asshole that I take responsibility for.

Furthermore, besides how my productivity levels always shoot up (while stress goes down) whenever I step back from social media in general, it would also help to pull out the heroin needle that is Facebook to innovate my personal branding strategy over time, as both of my companies in marketing strategy and defense engineering grow.

I’m likely to start another one over time, from near scratch. But not for a while. Not for a long time, post-college.

Unless I have a solid reason to.

When I return to Facebook, which shouldn’t be for a couple of years, it also won’t be me directly managing it, either.